Nine University Reviews Most Profitable Majors in 2020

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After choosing your school the next big decision is which major to select.  Before going to college students think their choice of college is the most important decision, but ten years into their career, looking back, actually choice of major was the more important decision as it determines career path, career development and opportunities, and pay scale.  So here’s our nine University reviews most profitable Majors in 2020.

Nine University Reviews Most Profitable Majors in 2020

Petroleum Engineering – should this come as a surprise?  The average salary for a Petroleum Engineer graduate within the first five years is around $95,000, which should increase to $177,000 after ten years in the job.

Electrical Engineering – another engineering degree?  Well, that’s where the money is nowadays, with salaries of $88,000 year five and $142,000 year ten there are plenty of profitable careers in the electrical engineering and computer sciences field.  MIT, Stanford, California Institute of Technology, Rice and Princeton all boast some of the top courses in the country for engineering.

Applied Economics and Management – have been some of the most profitable fields of study for decades, with access to business function roles including the investment sector.  Salary year five is around $59,000 and year ten $140,000.  Top colleges for this subject include University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Notre Dame and Boston College.

Operations Research – is a new business field and is becoming more important to many organizations hence the increase in job opportunities in this sector.  Salaries year five around $78,000 and year ten $137,000.

Political Economy – is the route into government work and salaries average around $57,000 year five and $136,000 year ten.  If you want a career in DC then this is a good starting point.  For political sciences look no further than some of the top universities including Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Georgetown and Yale.

Actuarial Maths – is another entry point into the investment sector and can also lead to careers in the Big 4 accountancy firms.  With five-year salary at $63,000 and ten year at $135,000 it’s a career route worth consideration if you’re strong at math.  For accounting and finance degrees the top colleges include University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Washington University at St Louis and Brigham Young University.

Business Analysis – is another route into accounting, but also into wider consultancy worker with some of the top employers in the world.  Salaries at $57,000 year five and $133,000 year ten are worth considering.  Business universities worthy of consideration include Pennsylvania, Southern California and MIT.

Pharmacy – is another medical route and the best starting point for a role in big pharma or research companies.  With five-year salary average at $80,000 and 10 year at $132,000 it is one of the best paying career tracks off the bat.

Aeronautics and Astronautics – every boy’s dream career, but also well worth majoring in as well, with salaries at $73,000 year five and $132,000 year ten it’s a career path that might concern your parents but will certainly bring home the bacon.