Obamagate and other fictions of Donald Trump

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Did that orange moron in the Oval Office actually say testing for the coronavirus is over-rated? That the reason we have so many cases of COVID-19 is because we are testing so much? I had to watch the news and then hunt down a clip. Yes, the orange moron did say it. Isn’t there anyone in the White House — that he listens to — that can tell him that we would still have all the cases, including the ones that haven’t been confirmed yet, if there was no testing at all?

He also said Hire American and buy American, although our country had to buy PPE and other equipment from China. What a dunce. The man hasn’t grad-ee-ated the sixth grade mentally or emotionally, he’s not even as well informed as Jethro Bodine, from the Beverly Hillbillies. Jethro at least wanted to be a brain surgeon. Trump still has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up.

Trump has done nothing to stop or slow down the spread of COVID-19 because he is afraid it will make him look bad, the number of cases of the coronavirus will reflect badly on him, as president. Therefore, if we ignore the pandemic, act as if if it’s over, that there aren’t any new cases — and if we don’t test we won’t document any new cases — then voila! He will have done a great job of containing the disease!

Yet, the cases and deaths continue to pile up. Some states and cities have been able to ramp up testing and are hoping they can implement some type of plan that will allow restricted opening of their local economies.

There was a similar, equally bone-headed sentiment on Facebook … I should know by now, don’t respond to the idiocy, but it goes like — well look at the meme on the right.

Please tell me, are there really people in the U.S. who actually believe Bill Gates and the Vatican are planning some nefarious conspiracy to create the One World Order? It’s frightening how off the wall and over the edge these conspiracy nuts are, scary because now they have platforms like Facebook and 4tran, or 8tran or whatever the tran is these days.

Then in the comments under the post the nutty conspiracy theories are couched with quote from the Bible, particularly from the “Book of Revelations.” You know, the end times.

Yes, we would know something was different. Doctors and nurses would be wondering what the disease was because it wasn’t the flu or pneumonia. This scenario already happened! Before the medical community knew COVID-19 had come to the U.S. We can’t wonder anymore about just how stupid our fellow citizens can be, their well of ignorance and idiocy is bottomless.

Foolishly, I was reading a bunch of the anti-safety posts on Facebook and came across one that asked all the stupid questions we get from the very few Americans that want us to completely reopen the state economies. It’s posted to the right. So, I replied.

Social media meme

“All the wrong questions. No one should have to starve or lose anything, let alone surrender their lives. They need the federal government to do a much better job of taking care of the Main Street people, instead of the Wall Street people. Instead of passing out trillions to big corporations they should make sure everyone has a livable income until there is a vaccine and adequate testing.

This is what those in power like to do: Make a bunch of you believe it’s an “us vs them” scenario so we are fighting one another while they rob us blind.

And it’s not fear. Don’t be such a simpleton. It’s common sense. This pandemic has killed far more people than the flu of recent decades has.

As for the microchip. Oh please! Why do they need a microchip implanted in us when they can track all of us through our hand held and desk top devices? They don’t even have to manipulate us! So many of you are so addicted to your fucking phones all they have to do is say “NEW CANDY CRUSH!” and millions rush to get it without thinking about the possible consequences.

Common sense people. The 80% of the population that prefers we keep the stay at home guidelines aren’t filled with fear, nor do they want to lose everything — remember, they are not working or going to school or operating their businesses either — they want it to be safe.

You’re going after the wrong people. Just like the power brokers intended.”

Social media meme

I did so knowing full well the people who I was speaking to would not and could not get it, especially the select few that believe Bill Gates is trying to inject us with microchips through the vaccines he funds. WTF? The latest Bill Gates conspiracy theory is that he’s going to the Vatican to work out some master plan, he’s already met with the U.N. — the crap these nuts, these people believe.

Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones? Apparently they are part of the great One World Order conspiracy to make you a slave to all the multinational corporations. The Georgia Guidestones are located in Elbert County, Georgia. They have a Wikipedia page if you want more info. Sometimes my head hurts from reading all the bullshit on Facebook.

Anyway, the first topic, in that meme, devolved in the comments below it to include all the familiar conspiracy theories and a this one about the stones in Georgia. That’s how things go on Facebook. One conspiracy theory leads to another, and then another and then a Bible verse or two.

This post first started because of that dumbass son-in-law turned presidential advisor Jared Kushner. Being the fuck-up he is, Kushner let it slip on Wednesday that he and his dear old dad-in-law were thinking about delaying the 2020 election. The illiterate, uninformed duo who obviously have never read the Constitution, didn’t know that the election is mandated in the U.S. Constitution to fall on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. A president can’t just arbitrarily change the election.

It’s bad enough the Trump campaign has already enlisted the help of Vladimir Putin, now he wants to tear apart the Constitution? Well, okay, my bad. We knew he wanted to do that while he was campaigning in 2015. But the depth of Trump’s ignorance, like that of his followers, appears to have no floor.

By the way, I saw this on social media: “Real men don’t need a mask when we go to the store because we’re not scared. All we need is an assault rifle and maybe a rocket launcher in case the yogurt tries anything stupid.”

Trump was vexed on Wednesday because Dr. Richard Bright, the virologist and vaccine expert who was fired from his job because he dared to contradict Trump, testified before the House of Representatives and said the Trump Administration wasn’t — and isn’t — prepared for the pandemic, despite warnings as early as January

There was Trump and his spokesmodel, Kayleigh McEnany, fumbling around on the White House lawn, with binders and the Obama pandemic playbook, trying to claim they had a plan — and an after action plan! Point of order? How can there be an after action plan if the pandemic is still raging on? As of this moment (of my writing) there are 1.46 million confirmed cases in the U.S. with 87,603 deaths.

An after action plan … I was wondering if there was anything written or typed on the pages in that binder McEnany was flailing about at the assembled media. Then Trump piped in that they always had a plan, to back up what his spokesmodel was saying. Which is in direct contradiction to the bullshit he was shoveling in March when he claimed no one saw this pandemic coming. They never had a plan and they still don’t have a plan. The best thing the Trump Administration has is the CDC and its doctors and scientists, and Trump is keeping them muzzled.

Dr. Anthony Fauci (YouTube)

Especially after Dr. Anthony Fauci testified in front of the Senate. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), looking like a disheveled beach bum scanning for medal at the beach, Paul, trying to trip up Dr. Fauci with his questioning is classic, in your face, humble pie. The clip went viral.

Rand Paul has been at this senator thing for a few years. Dr. Fauci has been testifying in front of Congress for over 40 years. Did Paul think Fauci was unprepared for dumbshit questions and statements? If I’m questioning or interviewing Dr. Fauci I’ll stick to the science questions, looking to learn something, rather than make myself look like an idiot trying to get Fauci with a gotcha question.

But what do I know? I’m not one of the people, like Rand Paul, who has his nose stuck up Trump’s fat ass.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Harvard statistician Rafael Irizarry believe the actually death toll for COVID-19 is actually over 100,000. Kristof has a column you can read, complete with their graphs, explaining their thesis.

Have you seen this video? It’s been retweeted by Trump several times with the new slogan, “Fake news is not essential!”

Most Americans who view this video think, “These people are nuts.” Trump supporters think, “Yeah! Merica motherfuckers!”

What’s lost on these dumbfucks is that the reporter, Kevin Vesey of Channel 12 in New York, is reporting on their protest, which was not infringed upon by any police. In other words, they were exercising their rights, the ones they claim are being taken from them.

Social media meme

Like I’ve said before: These clowns have no idea what tyranny is, not in the least. They have been inconvenienced by temporary orders that are intended to help the country get through a public health crisis. You want to know what tyranny is? Go live in Russia, or Turkey, or the Philippines or Saudi Arabia. Trump admires the tyrants that run those countries so Trump supporters should love it in any of those places. I would pick the Philippines — better snorkeling and scuba diving.

Trump supporters, especially these protestors and the really out there clowns that carry assault weapons are sniveling, over-pampered little babies.

You know what is essential? My bladder needing to be evacuated. The polite term for peeing in your underwear is “bladder leakage.”

I’m going to offend people in my Friends List on Facebook, and maybe some family members too. I simply do not care anymore. I’m tired of seeing science and facts denigrated by this failure of a president and those that worship him and the shit he spews every day. No more limiting the number of F-bombs I plant in my posts. I say “fuck” a lot in daily life. Get used to it. Some people believe it’s the Marine Corps influence, but I think it’s the Frank Zappa influence.

Sometimes I think whatever post I’m currently working on will be obsolete before it goes live, but the reality is Trump says or does something so often, multiple times per day, cataloguing his crap is a way of reminding people what a dirtbag he is. Let’s not forget his immigration policy includes putting babies in cages without their mothers. That became a story about a year ago, not really far in the past. As Mark Twain once noted, “No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.”

Now he has a new distraction: Obamagate. He has Fox News and OAN helping push that fiction on the world. Philip Rucker of The Washington Post asked Trump if he could outline the crimes committed by President Barack Obama and his administration and Trump couldn’t. He just said … well, watch the clip.

“The crime is very obvious to everybody.” Apparently not. No one can explain it, other than to call it “Obamagate.”

Social Media meme

Trump has a new political weapon. Sean Davis, co-founder of the online publication — the ultra-right wing, deep up Trump’s ass — The Federalist commented on the FBI investigation into Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) this way, in a tweet:

“As chairman of Senate Intel, Richard Burr ran interference for the corrupt intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracy behind the attempted coup against Trump. With the FBI raid of his home and seizure of his phone, I wonder if Burr regrets his refusal to do actual oversight.”

Maybe that’s a good indication of the political weapon formerly known as the Department of Justice. It’s quite possible Burr and several other Senators need to be investigated for selling stocks after receiving classified briefings on the coronavirus, but we have to wonder how politically motivated this move against Burr is, if he’s the only one giving his phone to the FBI.

For some context: Burr is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee that issued its report on the Russian interference in the 2016 election, confirming Vladimir Putin messed in our election to help Donald Trump win.

That puts a twist on the story.

Masks are for sale at local convenience stores (Claudia Gestro)

This has gone well over my self-imposed — and often broken — word limit, so I’ll just end it here. Like I said, the Orange Liar will have said and done too many stupid and dangerous things by the time I post my next column.

As of Saturday Morning, May 16, there are 1.47 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. with 88, 237 deaths. In California we have 74,936 confirmed cases and 3,108 confirmed deaths.

Stay safe everyone, especially if you’re going to the beach or hiking. Safe social distancing and wearing masks saves lives.

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Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of President Trump trying to evade a question about Obamagate