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Philip Rivers agrees to contract extension with Chargers

Photo above: San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers talking
to tight end Antonio Gates during practice. (Claudia Gestro)

On Monday Afternoon the San Diego Chargers and Philip Rivers announced they had reached an agreement for a contract extension that will keep Rivers with the Chargers for his entire career.

Earlier this year the elite quarterback had expressed concerns about moving to Los Angeles, which many believed was a sticking point with getting a contract signed.

The Quarterback said that wasn’t a reason for the contract delay, adding he has nothing against L.A., but he and his family do have deep ties to San Diego and if the team moved he and his family would miss that part of being in San Diego.

“My lack of excitement for a potential move was more about the thought of leaving this community than it was about a disdain for L.A.

Philip Rivers at his press conference Monday, announcing his contract extension (YouTube)

Philip Rivers at his press conference Monday, announcing his contract extension (YouTube)

“That’s still out of our control, nobody still knows, so it wasn’t a hatred of Los Angeles. It was more of a love for this community. This is where all but one of my children were born and where our family has grown, for over a decade.”

What was really important for Rivers was the commitment from his team, the San Diego Chargers.

“The commitment that they’ve shown me; and the trust in me as the quarterback over the last 11 years; and in turn the time that I’ve put in here, that out-weighed any of the other uncertainty. That was that important. The fact that they wanted me to have the opportunity to finish here and continue to lead this team, that opportunity itself out-weighted any of those other variables that were out of my control.”

His contract is for four years and is worth over $81 million, about $65 million guaranteed over the four years. Also in the contract: a “no-trade” clause that will give Rivers control over where he goes, if the team ever decides to trade him. As of today it looks like the team is more interested in keeping him.

This contract makes Philip Rivers the highest paid player in the NFL — for good reason. In his nine seasons as the starting quarterback his team has been to the playoffs five times and Rivers has been selected to the Pro Bowl five times. In six of his last seven seasons he has thrown for over 4,000 yards and last year he threw 31 touchdown passes.

Rivers is just 33-years old and has proven he is, without question, one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

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