President Obama without an objective

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To not have a plan concerning ISIS – sometimes called “ISIL” – does project weakness. But, one can only hope that – by saying so in public – the president has employed in private all of his resources. Then again, why not say that a plan has begun to form, as to keep the enemy off-balance in the meantime? The UK – guided by David Cameron – just raised a terror alert level. Many of us Americans, have wondered with intense curiosity as to why President Obama – by saying he does not have a plan – might thereby have emboldened the enemy to plot possible attacks.

Not unlike Al-Qaeda, who rejected ISIS for what even they considered to be extreme brutality in executions and what could be called “caliphate policy,” the lack of public knowledge of counter-terrorism activity allows for worry that could damage the economy – considering that the economy struggled after the horrifying events of 9/11.

Of course, we have a president who refused – if not refuses – to concern himself with the tax code with any concerted effort. He chose to pursue health care reform as a matter of improving people’s wallets – leaving companies to struggle with further regulation by signing into law such restrictive legislation as Dodd-Frank.

If the word “political” means rhetorical, and according to all philosophy it does, then we must know and acknowledge that rhetoric has the sole purpose of public or private persuasion. “Legislative” might sound like and seem like an awkward word to use, but it remains the proper word journalists must embrace to describe and challenge the necessity of change in the tax code such that a strong economy can render us more able to have a plan against terrorism – against ISIS.

That acronym stands for – as follows – the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” These psychotics with their own eastern rationale desire to form an Islamic republic that would oppress woman and force children into a kind of military slavery in pursuit of Jihad. Not that a man can become or be a feminist – we don’t have the parts for that – but President Obama must recognize that all individual liberty originates from economic possibility; not to mention having such a backbone of a plan to fight terrorism.

As a matter of fact, I once had a professor – of English Literature – who wished that the US would or could or should never have to live with terrorism. She was British – perhaps half Irish. I admire the recognition of ambiguity that David Cameron has – maybe due to that time period known as “The Troubles” – all because Barack Obama fails to recognize the fact of 9/11 as a slippery slope of danger for the world economy and American lives in general.

The car bombs and pub bombs of the IRA, they must weigh in David Cameron’s mind as so many of us westerners – radicalized for whatever reason – have left the west to join in a psychotic eastern mentality of terrorism. Even here, people from Chicago that is to say, some Midwesterners have travelled to Turkey – only to enter Syria and somehow join ISIS. How do they join ISIS? Is there a job application of some kind? (And no, I do mean to strike a thought or note of humor.) Do they have family in Syria?

None of these questions have been answered by Barack Obama’s administration – such that, we Americans and even the British, have been left with a stunning ignorance that comes from the apparent ignorance of President Obama. He should have said: “Yes, I have a plan. But, do know, that some information must remain classified – that all methods of intelligence – must remain classified to defeat the enemy.”

If, it were possible, I would like to be able to vote for a Sun-Tzu or a Genghis Khan to become the President of the United States – because in this instance we need more input and public comment from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and less nonsense from the State Department; commanded by the longwinded absurdity of John Kerry.

Mr. President, please have a private plan that reveals why you said you do not have a plan. After all, classified information must – for that reason – remain classified. Our enemies need not know our methods. Instead, they must know our response — all by virtue of a plan that can save lives and save economies toward freedom of choice and the joy of life as men and women and children can and should know it. Pursuing healthcare first indicates to me a lack of competency and concentration, as moderation in the tax code benefits national security above and beyond any other policies. Soldiers must make more money, police officers and teachers deserve more money – all because counter-terrorism must be a combined efforts of the national and the international.