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Charlie Sheen: Anyone else beside me find Charlie Sheen testing positive for HIV as the only thing about him that is positive? Why is his health news to us? He is a self-absorbed alcohol, drug, and sex addicted actor who will do anything for attention. Karma has finally caught up to him but that won’t keep this attention seeking fool from trying to profit off of it.

Ted Cruz: I just love a candidate who is blind to his contradictions. He steadfastly opposes any legislation that might cut away at gun owner rights, but has no problem ignoring the First Amendment and freedom of religion with his opposition to Syrian refugees. The fact his parents were once refugees is of no consequence because he seems to think our government should be driven by his version of Christian Sharia law and ignore the separation of church and state.

Dalai Lama: I love this guy. He has no problem telling it like it is in the most clear and simple terms that even a politician can understand. When he says humans have created the mess we now have with ISIS and the Middle East and it is up to us, not “God” to solve it, he delivers mankind some straightforward tough love.

President Obama speaking about the mass shootings in Paris, France. (YouTube)
President Obama speaking about the mass shootings in Paris, France.

God: So who owns God? While Christians pray for an end to terrorism, Syrians are praying Americans can find it in their hearts to take them in. Meanwhile, ISIS claims to be the true leaders of Islam while Muslims around the world claim they are not even remotely close to the religion they practice.

Conservative Christians think we need more of the Bible and prayer in our schools and government and ignore the legitimacy of any other world religion. Who’s right; who’s wrong? God only knows!

President Obama: So our president can’t believe the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, is paid $44 million dollars a year. I wonder if Obama knows Americans can’t believe he really thinks he has ISIS contained. My guess is, if the two changed jobs, the NFL would still have discipline and officiating problems and our country would still have a mess on its hands with ISIS.

Bobby Jindal: He has dropped out of the presidential race. Bobby who? Generally speaking, when your approval rating in the state you are the governor is below 30 percent, you look for some place to hide and not decide to run for the White House. Then again, whoever said politicians have a good grasp on reality?

Ronda Rousey: First you come out in support of Bernie Sanders. Next, you get your head knocked off in a shocking upset that rivals Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson. Now you have to take jabs from Donald Trump, have plastic surgery for a split lip, and try and duplicate the greatness of Patrick Swayze in a remake of Roadhouse.

She may already have brain damage from her years of fighting. No one can out do the job Patrick Swayze did in the original.