Rap Artists Make Their Mark on LA  

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Rap music has long been intertwined with the history of LA and Rap TV has been there to chronicle every minute of it. Rappers have played a role in defining the culture of Los Angeles, its fashion sense, its slang, and even the history of the cultural divide that exists between various communities through the Los Angeles area. Los Angeles is a diverse community that ranges from the Hollywood elite to areas that are poverty-stricken and underserved. Rap music has played a major role in defining the image of all of these areas in the minds of the general public.

As a rule, rap music sounds a bit different depending on where in Los Angeles people go. For example, rap music on the 10 is going to sound different than the music that might be heard on the 710 or the 405. Furthermore, rap music will shift depending on the time of day or time of year as well. Some of the biggest rappers in the world of Los Angeles include Greedo, the Shoreline Mafia, and even Drakeo the Ruler. Much of their rap music speaks to the deterioration of communities in Los Angeles that have been overlooked for so long.

There are a few key points that people need to know when it comes to living in Los Angeles. First, the wages among the lowest earners in the state of California have actually dropped during the past four decades. This means that, taking inflation into account, the purchasing power of poor communities in Los Angeles has plummeted. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the affordability of housing through Los Angeles is also at an all-time low. Finally, the Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles, which has already been exposed as being shockingly corrupt, imprisons minority groups, specifically blacks, at more than a dozen times the rate of white people.

Clearly, there is a lot of fodder for rap artists throughout the Los Angeles area. This has contributed to a powerful movement that is sweeping throughout multiple communities in Los Angeles. Their lyrics are powerful, their voices are loud, and they desire to be heard. In this manner, rap artists are making their mark on Los Angeles. While it is easy to drive around town and listen to what they have to say, it is better to try to hear what is in their hearts. It is hard to argue with the power of rap music in Los Angeles and it will be exciting to watch this movement evolve.