The Real Clinton Playbook

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I no longer question how Hillary Clinton, or Bill for that matter, continue to escape political death from their constant high wire antics. Any other political couple would have fallen to their demise long ago, but the Clintons just continue to land on their feet. Worse, the more they do so, the more they test the boundaries of what they can get away with.

While this angers Republicans to no end and brings delight to the millions of blind Clinton followers, to the rest of us, it should be cause enough to not want to vote for Hillary in November. However, millions more will choose her over Donald Trump unless she creates another political mess between now and then, helping her to become our next president.

Am I the only one who really believes all these controversies are not part of a large government conspiracy, but rather part of the Clinton master plan? Think about it. What does a Clinton controversy do? It splits the nation into two camps. This allows the Clintons to narrow in on their followers while crying foul. You know the routine. It’s all part of a right wing conspiracy.

Meanwhile, what do they do? They come up with political wedge issues designed to make conservatives look foolish, out of step, and easily labeled with horrific terms like racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and just about anything else liberals can dream up.

Hillary Clinton has taken the Bill Clinton playbook to a new level. She has no choice. You see, she is about to become the leader of the party that has always been known as the anti-war party. President Obama has worked so hard to keep us out of another big war that all hell is breaking loose and the rest of the world is scratching its head wondering what it will take to get us to step up and kick some butt. What it will take is a very hawkish Hillary Clinton and she knows this is liable to not set well within her own party’s ranks.

Donald Trump: the Clinton’s secret weapon. (YouTube)
Donald Trump: the Clinton’s secret weapon. (YouTube)

So how does a hawkish Democrat in the White House get Democrats off her back and keep them from protesting in the streets? For starters, you get Republicans worked up into a lather over more important matters like where transgenders go to the bathroom when in public. This is a great way to bring out the Bible thumping lug nuts that have a way of making more moderate-minded conservatives cringe.

Then you make the usual speeches after the most recent mass shooting about the need to restrict gun access and you then watch a bunch of paranoid rednecks mount a social media blitz about how the government is coming after the guns people already own. Just to add salt to the wounded victims and their families, these gun nuts then give everyone the middle trigger finger and go out and purchase more guns at a record clip.

From there, you create an entire new language built around political correctness designed to make your opponents look like they are uncaring and heartless people. Terms like “undocumented” replace “illegal ” while “correctional housed” replaces “jailed” or “imprisoned.”

While all this unfolds, you hire a massive staff of blind loyalists who will go to no end to cover up your deliberate misdeeds all because they believe you are above the law of the land and because the work you are doing is so important you must remain in power at all cost.

Who cares if a young intern has her reputation destroyed? So what if you tell the families of four dead people one thing while you tell the public another and your daughter something else? After all, you fight for important causes like the rights of women while you collect endless sums of money from governments that think more highly of what they drop in a toilet than they do of any female.

You remind the people of how you are one of them despite earning six figure payments for speeches to the same corporations you claim you will go after and hold accountable for their raping of the American economy.You blame cops for the unrest in minority-controlled cities rather than answer questions about why your great redevelopment plans you campaigned on never materialized. You encourage unfit people to have more babies while turning our public schools into glorified day care centers that feed, clothe, and babysit the kids the unfit can’t care for.

What the American voter fails to realize is the Clinton playbook is designed to divide the nation and not unite us because if we ever became united, we would not stand for someone who ignores the laws of the land and is then given another free pass after yet another government investigation for yet more wrong doings, all while claiming to be the most qualified person to run the nation.

Unfortunately, unlike 20 years ago when Republicans rallied around the very boring, but incredibly decent Bob Dole, they have decided to shoot themselves in the foot by selecting the self promoting and completely unqualified Donald Trump. If in 20 years the Republicans have not yet figured out how to defeat the Clinton machine, how can they be trusted to end wars, unemployment, violence, or higher taxes? While the times may have changed, the Clinton playbook is the same. It hasn’t needed to change to beat Republicans because it is all designed around allowing Republicans to defeat themselves.

So come November, remember why we have arrived at this juncture in our history. Are we interested in four or eight more years of scandals, investigations, and then no charges filed all because we have a leader who is more than willing to play us for the fools we are? Are we so cynical we see Hillary as nothing more than the lesser of two evils while being too lazy to invest ourselves into a qualified third party candidate? Or have we just thrown up our hands and stopped caring and decided to put on our blinders while we just plow ahead as best we can, hoping we do not end up the real victims in a real life house of cards?