Reasons Why You Should Hire Guards from Special Security Services

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Ensuring your security nowadays is not as easy as installing a sound alarm system and seemingly impenetrable doors. These are undoubtedly essential, but insufficient when not paired with a guard at your entry points. Unfortunately, getting the right guards for your property is not a straightforward affair. Several security firms have come up in recent years offering guard services to meet market needs. While you might be tempted to settle for the cheapest firm or the nearest one to your location, this does not necessarily mean you are hiring the best guards for your property. Luckily, Special Security Services {SSS}, a California-based firm, has come up to offer the best services for those looking for security guards. Below are the reasons why you should settle for us.

It has unarmed and armed guards available

With SSS, you have a choice between unarmed and armed guards for your property. Having armed guards might seem like the best choice for the highest levels of security, but it does not work for all situations. Sometimes, you are not comfortable with the visitors to your property meeting armed guards, so you can opt for the unarmed ones. However, when you need the highest levels of security and you want to protect your property from armed intruders, the armed guards are your ideal ones. Thankfully, these armed guards are well-trained in weapons handling, so do not worry about firearm accidents.

The guards are certified, insured, and licensed

When you hire the guards from SSS, you can rest assured that they are trained, licensed, bonded, and insured. While this might seem inconsequential initially, training, licensing, and insurance are essential for all guards. This is because they face unique challenges and should thus be adequately prepared to handle them. With training, they are equipped with the necessary tactics for protecting your property and themselves. Insurance protects them from any liabilities in case of lawsuits while at work.

It offers a wide selection of services

Guards are not exclusively meant to guard property by offering residential and commercial property security services. You might also need guards when holding events. In this case, the guards can help with crowd control, fire watch, logistic security, and parking control, among other security-related issues. Other than these, SSS also has private bodyguard services and guards for temporary services like mall security. Instead of hiring guards from multiple firms, SSS will cater to the broad range of security needs you have. This means you can sign up for multiple services at an affordable cost from one security company.

Its guards are always on time

Sometimes, you might need guards within short notice for your property or event. Some firms need time before they can send guards to your premises. This is not so for SSS. When you call the company, guards will be dispatched to your location as soon as you submit your application and payment. In so doing, there will be no time lost between supply and demand, something that would expose you to a security breach.

The firm has experience

Though there is nothing wrong with hiring startup security firms, you have more peace of mind when working with experienced professionals. Remember that security threats keep changing, so a startup might not be well-versed with the changes they can expect. On the other hand, an experienced firm will readily recognize current issues and adequately prepare to handle them. SSS has over twenty years of experience in the security sector. With such an extended period in the industry, you are sure there is little to nothing that the firm has not handled in the past or is well-equipped to handle in the future. The experience the firm and its guards have gathered in security means that you will get the best services.

The process of hiring guards from the firm is easy

Hiring private guards is often somewhat a lengthy process. You need to gather a lot of background information to be sure you are not giving criminals access to your property. Understandably, the process is overwhelming, and most people will give up. SSS has taken this lengthy process out of hiring private security by conducting due diligence on the guards to guarantee your safety. With most steps out of the way, hiring guards from us is now as easy as hailing a cab on one of the mobile taxi apps.

Getting the right security firm is now easy, with the reasons above having pointed you in the right direction. To hire the services of SSS, all you need to do is enter your zip code on its platform after contacting the company. After this, choose between armed or unarmed guards, pick the date and time you need the guards then pay for the services. The guards from SSS will be right at your location within the shortest possible time.