Reviews From NRPR Group’s Clients Pop Off the Page

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Small businesses, startups, and other enterprises are all facing similar challenges right now; supply chain issues, inflation, and competition can easily drag your business down. Plus, getting the word out about your products and services is no easy feat, especially in today’s ultracompetitive environment.


That’s where Los Angeles-based public relations rock stars NRPR Group and founder and CEO Nicole Rodrigues come in. But don’t take their word for it — their client testimonials speak for themselves.

“In 28 years of leading high-growth startups, I have worked with nine different PR firms and Nicole Rodrigues stands head and shoulders above any other firm — including those five times her size and price,” raves client Nick Desai.

“To say that she’s miles ahead of the other firms is not enough. She has an uncanny ability to weave a genuine narrative that captures the interest of otherwise evasive, tier-one press on a sustained basis. Perhaps most importantly, Nicole and NRPR become a foundational asset of any company.”

It’s all about sharing the best narrative to help you gain mindshare with your audience. You can market your business on your own, but at a certain point, you’ll need to bring in the big guns to get demonstrable results.

And that’s exactly what NRPR Group’s clients did. NRPR Group specializes in helping both small and enterprise businesses boost sales through the power of public awareness. NRPR Group specializes not only in traditional PR, but also in digital-first strategies that are changing the game for its clients.

NRPR Group reviews glow with excitement over its clients’ sudden successes, earning features they only dreamed about.

‘My Jerry Maguire Moment’

“I had my Jerry Maguire moment and set out to change the industry by creating the perfect example of what an agency should look like,” shares Rodrigues, referencing the classic film scene in which Maguire star Tom Cruise triumphantly starts his own business.

She set out to create one of the best public relations firms in not only the LA area, but the United States. Rodrigues’ team takes a relationship-focused approach to garner high-profile media mentions for their clients. “Once we sign a new client, we become an extension of their internal marketing and sales teams,” Rodrigues says.

Instead of spending hours pitching the media themselves, NRPR Group’s clients can tap into the agency’s decadeslong relationships with trusted media professionals. While the agency makes a media relations plan for its clients, it also puts in the sweat equity to earn more features. To date, NRPR Group has helped brands in consumer tech, fintech, health tech, and digital entertainment score tier-one national media coverage.

‘Creative Opportunities’

NRPR Group is known for being a high-touch PR firm, meaning all of its clients get personalized attention for their accounts. NRPR Group takes a proactive approach in which it robustly looks for opportunities. Instead of waiting for interview requests to roll in, NRPR Group goes out and pitches its clients to the media. “Our clients will never wait around for an announcement to get coverage. Instead, we find creative opportunities in everything for hits to happen. As a result, in the entire duration of NRPR Group’s history, there has never been a month where a client has not gotten coverage,” Rodrigues says.

In his NRPR Group review, Wesley Smoot shares that his organization received magazine and interview features in just a few weeks:

“The NRPR team helped me accomplish far more than I expected in my first year in business. Within weeks we were doing interviews and getting write-ups from publications — local and national. They are strategic and involved me in every step of the process. They really got to know me, my business, and my goals.”

A Multimedia Approach

Some PR groups can be successful with conventional pitching methods, but Rodrigues knows that digital strategies are the key to sustainable PR. Her agency is savvy about how to use both traditional and digital channels to get coverage for its clients.

NRPR Group is on top of the importance of multimedia: in fact, the firm has a podcast, “PRfect Pitch,” and YouTube series, Beverly Hills Boss. Rodrigues’ agency has seen the power of multimedia firsthand, which is why her team works hard to get podcast and video interviews for their clients.

In her NRPR Group review, Sandy Grigsby shares that she was initially taken aback by all of the positive results:

“NRPR has been so attentive and thorough. I was booked on podcasts and featured in magazines so quickly that I wasn’t even mentally ready for it! I thought for sure I’d have more time but the bookings and interviews came in faster than I had expected — within days, actually!

“The best part is, now I don’t have to do all of the work. In the past, I had to manage my own PR and it became overwhelming with everything else in my business. NRPR manages it all; they even call me to connect me with my interviews and they make sure I’m prepared every step of the way. There’s zero room for error and I absolutely love it! I rave about them to my clients and friends and that will never stop! “

NRPR Group’s Reviews Are Glowing

With clients like L.A. Comic Con, SteadyMD, HeyRenee, and InfiniteWorld, NRPR Group is a formidable agency on the Los Angeles scene. Its clients rave about the results they’re seeing, which is a clear sign that NRPR Group’s innovative and personalized approach is precisely what businesses need to thrive.

After all, as it declares on its website, “NRPR prides itself on an award-winning reputation and powerful global network. Our clients, friends, and media are passionate about their respective missions and we support them by creating lasting relationships that produce ongoing buzz and recognition.”