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Burbank, CA: In the fall of 2002, while working as an armed officer for the Miami Metro System, Roberto Sanchez received a serendipitous phone call that would forever change his life. Only moments earlier he had encountered a belligerent passenger who refused to stop smoking on the evening commute. The phone call was from his agent, apparently respected film director John Singleton had just cast him as one of the leads in 2 Fast 2 Furious, the second installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. Roberto co-starred along side of actors Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson and Eva Mendez.

Roberto Sanchez

Born in Havana, Cuba, Roberto grew up stateside in Miami’s well-known Cuban community “Little Havana.” Unfortunately, Roberto was forced to make this journey without his father who had been detained by the Cuban authorities-and as a result, he and his brother were raised by a single mother with a new language, in a new world. It would be 16 years before he saw his father again.

He distinguished himself in the Navy as a Desert Storm veteran, was a Virginia Beach military police officer, competed professionally in the highly touted European league as a Naval basketball player. He became a successful print model and eventually an actor.

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