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Supplements: Can a pill make you trim and healthy?

My beautiful wife was watching a video, well actually she was totally entranced by a video. When the video was finally over she enthusiastically asked me to buy the product for her. Now I am always happy to buy darn near anything for my wife askes for two reasons. One is that I love her very much and the other is she is always very cautious about how we spend our money. Well actually almost always.

What she wanted to buy after watching a very well-produced infomercial was a weight loss pill that would, so it was claimed, provide a digestive enzyme blend that would naturally reduce carbs and fats in your body, thereby keeping them from adding an ever increasing amount of weight to your body.

The infomercial did make the comment that the United States of America does have one of the fattest populations on earth. That is in fact supported by a whole lot of evidence, not the least of which is simply looking at all the people you see every day. About half are clinically obese and that is a very bad health condition. So the infomercial strongly implied all you need to do is take their wonder pill every day and soon you would be happy and in great health.

Now that sounds super good doesn’t? Just pop a pill every day and watch your waist line shrink, your heart stop being over stressed and you would be shopping for smaller clothes. All good news and ONLY about $50 per month for this wonder product.

But nowhere in the infomercial nor in any of their printed material did the makers of this wonder drug -— oops my bad natural supplement, not drug — offer any meaningful clinical support for their claims. Nor was there any mention whatsoever about the very great value in simply adjusting one’s diet to reduce sugar, fat and sodium. I hasten to add that by “diet” I do not mean “A diet” but rather paying very close attention to everything you put in your body.

Ron Irwin

On virtually every food package there a “NUTRITION FACTS” panel which tells you precisely all of the pertinent nutritional contents of whatever is in the container. Regrettably it is the one part of the package most people studiously avoid so as to not be distressed by what they see. But come on now contemplate this: If you reduce the amount of sugar, fat and sodium you put into your body the much less, if any, supplement would you need to block the digestion.

So you have several choices the top three of which are:
1:Just ignore your weight and general health and run a very real risk of diabetes, heart diseases and many other serious even deadly health problems.
2: Buy a very expensive and not very well proven supplement and hope it will help you lose that excess weight,
3: Buy my book Lose Liveand follow the very basic but absolutely proven effective instructions and lose your excess weight and look better and live longer. Want the book? Click here.  And unlike the $50 a month supplement of dubious value the book cost only $13 payable one time only.

How, you may reasonable ask, do I have the facts about diet and nutrition? On December 18th of 2012 I weighed 315 pounds on my 5’ 9” inch frame, or in other words wildly obese. How did I get that way? Simple, I paid close to zero attention to the quantity or nutritional quality of the foods I ate in abundance.

So on that day at about 5: 30 p.m. I stood up from my desk, took two steps toward the front door, stopped breathing and fell unconscious face first to the floor. I had just enough energy to dial 9•1•1 on my cell phone before blacking out. Later, after several days in a coma, I learned that I had Congestive Heart Failure and Diabetes. I absolutely had to rid my body of that excess weight or die soon.

For many years I had been very heavily into a wide range of research due in large part to my occupation as a trial attorney. So I turned those skills to the issue of good diet versus bad diet and how to most effectively regain my long lost good health. In that process I wrote the book Lose Liveand I also lost 145 pounds.

At first I was very hard on myself because my motivation was intense. It truly was a matter of life or death. Now I have simply reshaped the way I eat and drink. I also made a choice to exercise regularly and these days I walk an absolute minimum of 9 miles a day. Obesity and diabetes have been driven from my body and if I can do this so can anyone who wants to live a long, happy and healthy life.

The choice is of course entirely yours. Do nothing, take very expensive supplement pills of dubious value. Or buy and follow the information contained in the Lose Live. Cost $13.00 and benefit with longer, healthier and happier life. But whatever you do be extremely cautious of very well produced infomercials that try to sell you very expensive products based on virtually no scientific evidence of any kind.

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