Roseanne Barr: Don’t Cry For Me, America

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Okay, so those were not her words. However, Roseanne did tweet, “Don’t feel sorry for me.” Of course, she also blamed her tweet heard around the world on Ambien which we all know has that side effect (Taking this product can lead to racist remarks and insensitive tweets. Take only as directed). What will be next? My guess is her tweet will be the thoughts of one of her other personalities, but in no way be reflective of the sweet, kind, and sensitive woman we all know the queen of crass to be.

America is not crying or feeling sorry for someone who has been allowed to get away with crap that goes straight to the top of the heap of stupidity dung our nation has been force fed for decades. Remember her crotch grabbing rendition of the National Anthem? Oh, and the man she supports as our president is only concerned about players kneeling in protest because he considers it disrespectful. Roseanne Barr is the reason why sporting events have no business playing the anthem in the first place. Unfortunately, she is also a reason why so many people of hate have someone in the White House they can relate to.

The blue collar people Roseanne has always tried to appeal to have more to worry about than the cancellation of her show. They do not have the time to concern themselves with the hundreds of other workers left to seek employment by her racist rant. Farmers, steel workers, coal miners, teachers, and countless other professions are facing bigger ills than her well-being.

While Roseanne’s pal Donny chooses to show his lack of class by taking a solemn moment at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers to brag about how great America is, he fails to come clean on what a lying ass he is and what a horrific job he is doing as president.

Donny brags about the record low unemployment rate, but says nothing about the millions of under employed people I described above who have to hold down two or three jobs because of the loss of earning power they now enjoy. Sure, he boosted his pals on Wall Street, but he does not give a crap about those who walk up and down Main Street seeking help.

One reason his job numbers look so great has to do with the millions of people who have simply given up of ever finding work, forgotten and left behind by a bottom line numbers approach to measuring what is defined as success.

Conservative commentator Anna Navarro said it best when she said not everyone who voted for Trump is a bad person or a racist. However, when the guy they voted for stays quiet about a blatantly racist tweet while simultaneously slamming a patriot like John McCain and still claiming Mexico will build us that wall his racist supporters dream of, you should jump off his band wagon faster than Roseanne can make a new excuse. You should be shopping for a new leader you can be assured will not support the level of hate that he lives off of.

Roseanne’s fan base is also probably struggling to wonder why our leader is making political deals with China while he and his daughter are receiving trademarks and other monetary back scratches from that nation he told us was a Yuge threat to our future greatness. Let’s face it, Roseanne and her ilk have no problem with a leader who gets in bed with anyone and everyone while misspelling his wife’s name while she recuperates from kidney surgery. Who has time to shop for a gift when you are saving the world from the problems you are creating?

Unfortunately, Roseanne will pull a Trump and learn how to profit off her mess and while she laughs her way to the bank cashing checks for granting exclusive interviews, writing a tell all book, and who knows what else (Maybe now is a good time for me to pitch Roseanne Toilet Paper), she will go back to forgetting the people she has screwed over as has always been the case. Her cast mates, production crew, writers, and everyone else involved in her canceled show will not have it so good.

To those people, as Trump would probably say, “Too bad. No one values a loser. Only great people know how to make a nation hate them and still profit in the process.”

There is a sink hole on the White House grounds requiring maintenance workers’ constant attention. There is a bigger one in the Oval Office who demands all of ours. It may be orange in color, but it is white to the bone and in its short time in power has not only seen hate of the level of Roseanne’s rise up in the news, but what should be more concerning, the rise of Neo Nazi candidates running for office because they have been inspired by Trump.

To remain silent in the face of such blatant hate is a far bigger crime than anything Roseanne has said or done. It is what leads Trump’s haters to automatically think you must be a racist if you voted for the man. If you are not, and you resent the implication, you should be more vocal in denouncing our leader and working toward his political demise rather than offering up reasons to support him. There are no reasons that outweigh the spread of his brand of hate. NONE!

So if you lack the courage to denounce Trump, but are brave enough to speak out against Roseanne, be prepared for one of two things; being called a hypocrite or being handed some Ambien to help you work up the courage to make your voice true feelings heard.

America is not crying for the likes of Roseanne Barr. It’s crying for the likes of the average Joe and Jane Americans who choose to remain silent while supporting the worst thing our nation has had to face since the end of the Cold War: our willingness to look the other way. Wipe the tears and open your eyes, America, and do the right thing rather than making excuses for the “white thing.”

Top photo of Roseanne Barr is a YouTube screenshot