Serial Entrepreneur Ayman Assi On How To Remain Persistent And Achieve Success

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In life, you must have come across a lot of people who wish to attain success but not many achieve what they desire. Is there a determinant that decides who succeeds and who doesn’t? Or people who fulfill their dreams just happen to have the Midas Touch? 

We sat down with Ayman Assi, founder of Amerald UK,  to delve deeper on this subject. Here’s what he has to say about overcoming hurdles and achieving success:

“The key to being successful is to persist. Persistence is a trait that every victor has under their belt. While you struggle and hustle tirelessly, life is going to present with more monumental hurdles than before – and you have to figure out how to fight with those seemingly insurmountable obstacles. If you give up, you will be farther away from success than you were previously, and it is going to get even more difficult to start over!”

If that’s the case, then how do we acquire this trait that is so pivotal in deciding our success? Is it innate or is it learned?

Ayman believes each one of us has the ability to harness persistence and resilience. It is a matter of reminding ourselves constantly about our goals and desires; every subsequent reminder will increase our impetus to work harder. To present it in an organized way, he recounted his personal story and put together a blueprint to strengthen one’s ability to persist and achieve success.

Find the purpose

According to Ayman, to embark on the journey to success you must at first know where you are headed towards and what is it that you really want from your life. Once you have determined your goals and purpose, jot them down in a journal and visit that journal regularly to keep reminding yourself of your purpose.

Acquire better habits

One particular characteristic that Ayman emphasized over is refining your habits. Develop a nature to be more grateful, have a positive outlook towards life. Obstacles and hindrances are a part of life and to deal with them you must have the strength of finding the silver linings even when others tell you there are none.

Learn from failure

Ayman’s first-ever sole venture failed miserably and drowned him in a sea of debt. He suggests young entrepreneurs and other enthusiastic people to not let one failure define your destiny. Muster up all the courage in yourself and stand up stronger. For if he hadn’t done the same, he wouldn’t have been able to reign the concierge industry today and redeem himself as an eminent entrepreneur. 

Take small actions

There will be days when you would try to push yourself a lot and yet yield no outcome. This is alright. According to Ayman, as long as the goals that you have set are realistic, taking smaller steps is better than giving up. Soon, those small steps will accumulate to make a grand effect and you will see massive progress.

Success and excellence is a state of mind and by following the guidance of those ahead of us, we can easily overcome hurdles to conquer the insurmountable summits and bring our dreams to fruition.