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No matter what type of business you have, your target audience is the king and the main focus of all of the activities you engage in. In order to bridge the gap that is in between what you have to offer and what searchers are looking for, the search engines continue to evolve.

In this article, SerpLogic will be discussing the search engine optimization methods that you need to employ in 2020 to become a favorite of the search engines.

1. Optimize Based on User Intent

Now that Google has introduced its BERT update, the claims from the search engine for optimizing for user intent instead of blindly for keywords will be manifested in ways that are more noticeable. Brands in 2020 will need to create streamlined content for their users.

According to SerpLogic, careless infusing exact-match keywords will not help. In fact, when you put too much focus on stuffing the same exact keywords time and time again without creating value for your target audience will result in you losing your golden opportunity to engage with your users.

NLP has led the way to a major shift in how search engines view content. That means that those brands that do not update their practices and provide solutions to the problems of their users will end up being outperformed by their competition.

What is NLP (Natural Language Processing)?

In simple terms, NLP (natural language processing) is a sub-division of AI (artificial intelligence) that derives meaning from human conversations and based on that information, make a decision.

It is about technology becoming “smarter” in order to precisely understand what users are searching for. Whether it is your email autosuggest feature or your smart assistance that obediently follows all of your commands, NLP is the foundation of it all. It allows the technology to understand language and naturally process your commands based on your intent.

2. Writing Effective Content in 2020

As search engine algorithms continue to frequently change to offer searchers everything they are searching for, SEO continues to broaden its scope that includes various formats of content according to SerpLogic. One typical example of this is a SERP (search engine results page) that shows a combination of images, text, and videos.

Several surveys have shown how customers’ preferences have shifted towards video content. However, to date, the tremendous potential of the video has not been capitalized on by that many brands.  If you become a pioneer within your industry, you will have the opportunity for your target audience to notice you much sooner than they would if you just used image and text content.

All different kinds of content are important. You might be very aware by now which kind of content works the best with your audience. However, it is true that videos show tremendous potential. Start to integrate videos into your website to ensure you stand out within your niche. A conversion rate optimization specialization can help you use your videos most effectively.

3. Creating Engaging Podcasts in 2020

Creating high-quality videos is another way you can establish yourself as an authority within your nice and become noticed by the search engines in 2020.

If you are just getting started with this media and don’t know how to tap into its potential, you can interview an expert in your industry. This can really help with your search engine optimization. In addition to the podcast being on your website, if you implement a well-planned-out media strategy, it will bring in floods of people. Even if it appears it would take a lot of hard work, it is definitely worth the investment.

4. Building Brand Authority in 2020

These days, brands are smart and realize how important it is to create high-quality content in order to engage their audiences. A great start to prepare your search engine plan for 2020 is intent-based content.  However, in order to have a competitive edge within your industry, you first need to earn the trust of your target audience before they even land on your website. One good way to do this is to get reviews and ratings from individuals who have used your services or products in the past.

Search engine rankings play a major role in the clickability of your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Whenever you combine the authority of your brand with a high search engine ranking, this combination can take your business to new levels of success in 2020. In addition to continuously making improvements to the quality of your services. you also should use online reputation management (ORM) in order to optimize your website in 2020 for the search engines.

5. Focusing on Technical SEO in 2020

SEO discussions frequently focus on creating quality content and then marketing it. However, there is more to it. You may be wondering how your website should be optimized in 2020 for technical SEO. Search engines in the future will be placing more emphasis on the speed of your website. You will also need to ensure that your website is responsive, has an apt URL structure, proper schema markup, and an XML sitemap.

To ensure that you maximize your online presence, it is critical to make sure that you optimize your website for technical SEO in 2020.

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