Karina Torres’s Shares Tips On Battling Anxiety And Staying Sane During The Pandemic

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If there is one word that could define 2020, it would be coronavirus. Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a staggering halt. People are confined at their homes, forbidden from going out and many have even lost their jobs as the economy cripples. In this situation of uncertainty, a lot of us have fallen prey to free-floating anxiety and stress. Model turned Entrepreneur Karina Torres shares her tips to stay sane and to cope with the anxiety during these testing times.


It is imperative for us to pause and reflect. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, pause and breathe. Deep breathing helps calm your nerves.

Karina Torres

Follow a disciplined routine

Following a routine eliminates the constant worry of “what to do next?”.A healthy routine coupled with a healthy diet helps keep the stress at bay.

Connect with others

As humans, we are programmed to be social animals. As the world copes from the pandemic by maintaining social distancing, it has wreaked havoc to our innate mechanism of finding comfort in meeting others. In this situation, whenever you feel stressed, you should try connecting with your loved ones by arranging a virtual get-together, playing online games with them, and planning similar fun activities.

Don’t be hard on yourself

In the fast-paced world of today, we tend to chase our dreams leaving no stone unturned. But in the process, we also push ourselves to the limit and end up being very hard on ourselves. Understand while pandemic might have resulted in freeing up a lot of time from your schedule, do not feel guilty of being unproductive or compelled to spend your entire time devoted to work. Go easy on yourself!

Reach out

Lastly, if you still feel that you are suffering from high anxiety and nothing is helping, do not shy away from reaching out for professional help as mental health holds as much importance as your physical health!

Karina hopes people benefit from these tips and take care as we all fight with the microbe that has caused chaos around the world.