SoCal Beauty was featured in the Skin in the City Magazine: 5 Key Take Aways

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The Skin in the City Magazine is a new esthetician lifestyle magazine and podcast by Kacey Boone of Glow Skincare. She recently interviewed Brittani Hamilton Strong of Socal Beauty. 

Let’s face it: Right now during the pandemic, there are nowhere near enough a sufficient number of success stories from those who inspired others to run great businesses even in challenging circumstances. Yes, billionaires have become richer, but what about average mom-and-pop businesses? Brittani Hamilton Strong has a success story in helping salon owners all over the world to adapt rapidly to a changing business model.

SoCal Beauty Salon was founded by CEO Brittani Strong about six years ago. Since then it has grown into a reputable, international company. It is really important to have good quality products when one steps into the cosmetic and beauty industry. SoCal is one of the best, and recently CEO Brittani Strong had an exclusive interview which features in the Skin in the City Magazine & Podcast.

Courtesy from SoCal Beauty

We have listed our 5 key takeaways readers loved from the interview, here you will read all about this thriving entrepreneur and her innovative company.

#1- The beauty industry has no limits

CEO Brittani Strong is seen as a beauty pro-turned inventor. She reveals that she never would have thought to be in the position that she is now. Brittani has never been one to follow the norm or the rules, she loves to question all things. One of the traits that has helped her throughout her career is that she challenges her mind and ways creatively, if everyone is doing something in a certain way, she pushes herself to do it differently. Another great trait is that Strong never accepts the word ‘No’, she never likes or accepts the idea that she only has one option. The beauty industry has infinite opportunities to evolve, create and innovate.

Courtesy from SoCal Beauty

#2- How Brittani got into lashes

According to Brittani, lashes chose her, she did not choose lashes. At 17 years old Strong was invited by her friends for a lash class. She fell in love straight away and in that moment she knew she found what she was made to do and that one day she will take the industry by force. Brittani loves the way she is able to connect with people through lashes, how it made them feel their best, and seeing their confidence grow was the most incredible feeling. At 18 years old, she started SoCal Beauty. Brittani is now an educator for lashes and has traveled the world training students and speaking about everything to do with lashes. 

Courtesy from SoCal Beauty

#3- What are designer lashes?

In the midst of the pandemic, Strong began thinking and developing the idea of designer lashes. Designer lashes is an industry-first, customizable magnetic strip lash system made for lash artists. This means that a lash artist can customize any set of lash extensions on the magnetic strip and then send the lashes to their customers, hands-free. The process is quite simple. SoCal has a virtual consultation with the clients, discussing their face- and eye shape as well as a style preference. Thereafter the lash artist creates the set of lashes, which come in an exquisite holographic box with a liner and application tool. This product is perfect for clients that can not afford lash extensions, clients that have moved, people that have experienced allergies and irritation from lash extensions.

#4- Tips for people trying to get into the beauty industry

Brittani advises people trying to get into the beauty industry is never to compare themselves with others. People should only compare themselves with themselves. When comparing oneself to others you might end up in a place you do not want to be, she says she has seen this many times. She further advises that you are your own competitor. Stay true to yourself and your path, go for what you want, hustle and stay humble.

Courtesy screenshot from SoCal Beauty

#5- Brittani has been a beauty pro for 7 years

Brittani disclosed that she has been in the beauty industry for 7 years, from the age of 18 years old. She is a licensed esthetician and attended the Paul Mitchell school in Costa Mesa, California. She has always looked up to Paul Mitchell and knew from the beginning that she wanted to be a part of the Paul Mitchell family.

It is apparent that Brittani Strong is a passionate, innovative, and creative individual who has created a company that supports salon owners globally to become their best. She is an educator that loves showing people that one can make a stable income in the beauty industry. Brittani’s business SoCal Beauty Salon continues to grow, educate and expand its network of industry professionals and its solution-orientated brand. 

Final Take:

It is well-known that organizations like SoCal Beauty and the founder Brittani have helped thousands of aspiring salon owners bypass expensive and unnecessary franchise fees in order to start a business in the beauty industry. Not all new businesses are driven by large amounts of capital – some are in fact driven by creativity and the willpower to succeed. 

Courtesy screenshot from SoCal Beauty

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