Sports bettor who called 3 future bets continues his big gambling streak

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One of the most well-established sports handicappers and bettors in the country, Grant Stevens, has been dominating headlines in the sports betting world for more than 10 years now. Considered to be one of the most gifted football minds to ever place a wager, Grant has been a trailblazer of success and consistency in his winning sports picks against the spread. Not only is he one of the best sports minds in terms of analyzing teams and spotting the advantage, but he’s also one of the best ever at spotting great value and knowing when to pull the trigger on a high-risk high reward wager.

There’s no better example of Grant’s amazing foresight than when he placed a hefty $20,000 futures wager on the Washington Capitals to win the 2018 Stanley Cup Championship before the season even started. The Capitals hadn’t been to the Stanley Cup finals in 20 years, but Grant saw the opportunity in the 12/1 odds that Vegas bookmakers gave the Capitals prior to the season starting. Washington would eventually make it to the Stanley Cup finals where they faced-off against the Las Vegas Golden Knights. After going down in game one, the Capitals stormed back by winning 4-straight games to close out the series and win their first ever Stanley Cup Championship. Grant was not bashful in proclaiming the great prediction that he made before the season even started. He’s mentioned it each week on his podcast, and he even grabbed some headlines with futures 12/1 wager that would eventually win him around $240,000.

Grant was far from done with large winning wagers in 2018 as he turned his sights on the college football championship between the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Grant had been riding the Clemson Tigers bigtime throughout the season and had mentioned that he had won in excess of $1 million dollars just by betting on Clemson alone during the 2018 season, so he wasn’t about to go against his proven moneymaker during the regular season as they went up against the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide led by coach Nick Saban. Grant and his clients went big on Clemson with a max bet to bring home the National Championship and they were not disappointed as Clemson overwhelmed Alabama from beginning to end, winning by a score of 44-16. While the national media and most sports handicappers were focused on Alabama’s defense and their QB Tua Tagovailoa, Grant knew that the real story would be Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and their offense. They simply outclassed the vaunted Alabama defense in every way, as Alabama was eventually forced to change quarterbacks in the second half, but by then it was too late.

Yes, 2018 was a very successful year for Grant and his clientele, to say the least. He posted two of his best College Football and NFL betting records against the spread ever, as well as winning a huge futures wager on the Washington Capitals and the Clemson Tigers winning the National Championship. Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a ball or puck, or whatever sport he’s wagering on, Grant Stevens is one of the best-documented sports bettors and handicappers in the modern era.