Startups That Are Based In LA

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LA is a city where you can find almost all new startups including different tech companies that attract many venture capitalists. The reason can be the healthy tech ecosystem of LA that is due to progressive policies of the region. You can find some young startups that are thriving and are continuing to make their mark across the industry.

Many of these companies found their footing in a very short time and raised millions of dollars in funding and have expanded their teams. When it comes to popular names in the industry you can come across names like Apple, Netflix and Google who have an existence in LA as well. Many other names are having their founders and co-founders as full-time employees. You can get the latest updates regarding LA and the business and technology ecosystem in LA using Spectrum Cable. You can use the Spectrum cable number to order Spectrum’s cable, internet and home phone service and enjoy the benefits of being part of the Spectrum family. Let’s have a look at different startups that you might want to have a look at and follow in the year 2020


For many brands and online stores, it is one of the most difficult tasks to build and manage an app in the long run. TapCart is a platform that is not there to teach businesses to code or UX/UI design. However, it is more like a platform that makes your app creation and all the related processes blend into one process that seems more like creating a newsletter. When you are using TapCart, you are working with a browser-based platform where you can simply use drag and drop operations and interface to build a mobile app of your own. This seems convenient, right? TapCart is powering more than 7,000 Shopify stores that use TapCart to create apps for their online store.


Amazon has created different opportunities for online shoppers such as one or two-day shipping. Many small-sized e-commerce companies do not have the infrastructure that is needed to get things done. Flowspace offers on-demand fulfillment and warehousing services that can help businesses of all sizes including companies like startups and bigger brands. These guys can help them next-day to a two-day shipping service that can get things done in an affordable way.


There is not much information about what the employees are up to but what we know is that they specialize in developing the technology and infrastructure to get things moving when it comes to future needs of mobility. Metropolis claims to create automatic vehicles and aircraft that will be capable of performing a vertical landing and take-off. The enterprise also claim to provide something as small as last-mile transport.

WeeCare, Inc.

People who have kids and have to work as a full-time employee or run a business find it really difficult to select from so many options about daycare facilities. This is where WeeCare comes in and uses a single portal to review local daycare services and daycare providers. It is also a great place where you can research these facilities. You can also look at daycare management solutions and help people who are interested in becoming part of the industry. Apart from that, there is ample information on ways to get the required certifications and licenses to run daycare facilities.


The fintech startup has a lot in mind for one of the most unique target markets. These are the unbanked adults for whom the company has come up with a unique app. AlgoPay is an app that helps people who don’t have a bank account. These guys can’t send and receive money and mainly get paid using the direct deposit by their employers. If a user needs some cash, they can simply collect their funds by submitting a request to a local business in less than 24 hours. Apart from that, the app makes sure that your transactions are convenient and transparent making this app an ideal way to manage your shopping as well.  These developers are also partners with UpWork so that you can easily get paid for your work or send money to your employee.


This is a mobile-first Title and Escrow company that is built to provide a new and improved way of closing for real estate agents. The app is very helpful for real estate buyers and sellers as well. Using the digital platform, Endpoint keeps things secure and effortless so that all transactions become streamlined and transparent for both parties. You just need to go through a single place to sign your documents, transfer your funds and get in a Q&A session if you have any questions about the property.

Blue Fever

The founders describe the startup as more of an emotional media rather than a social media app where they have created an empathetic AI-based bot that goes by the name Blue. Users can text Blue whenever they feel like talking to an elder, friend, or sibling when they need some support. Blue is intelligent enough to understand a wide range of mood hashtags that range from hashtags like “#sorrow, #meow and many others. People can join in and express themselves and get personalized support and inspiration from an expanding universe that comprises of people who are willing to join you and help you out.

Final Words

I believe that LA has the potential to retain its title as an innovative city that can provide services to the City of Angels. Apart from that many of these startups are run by people from the Middle East and parts of Asia.