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  • June 21, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Have you lost one or several teeth in your mouth due to decay, injuries, or infections? You will be embarrassed to show the gaps between your teeth and begin searching for tooth replacement solutions that are helpful. Your search may take you to a dentist offering dental implants near you, leaving you wondering whether you must consider implants for replacing your missing teeth.

    Dental implants are fake structures that are inserted into your jawbone by a Dental Surgeon. You may need implants when you have lost one or more teeth in your mouth. If you do not have information about what dental implants are and the risks associated with them, we recommend you continue reading this blog. We are also providing information about what you can expect from dental implant surgery.

    What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are structures for replacing a missing tooth. The dental Surgeon inserts the implant into the jawbone with screw-like devices. The implant acts as an anchor for an artificial tooth, which is often referred to as the crown. The crown is attached to the dental implant by a device known as an abutment.

    Dental implants in Cypress, TX, have many advantages over dentures that are removable artificial teeth. Implants look and feel natural and comfortable as well. The success rate of dental implants is around 95%, and they can improve chewing function while reducing bone resorption at the site of tooth loss. Implants do not need to be removed for cleaning every night because they are permanent structures in the mouth.

    Dental implants may not be a suitable choice for everyone, especially for people who do not have healthy jawbone before undergoing implant surgery.

    The Safety of Dental Implants

    The American Academy of Implant Dentistry mentions that approximately 3 million people in the United States already have dental implants, and the number is increasing by 500,000 every year. The safety aspect of dental implant surgery, when performed by a qualified dental Surgeon from dental implants near Katy, is high and works as an excellent choice to replace missing teeth. It is the only solution available to maintain the health of your jawbone and stimulate its growth.

    Are you Eligible for Dental Implant Surgery?

    If you are in excellent physical health and have a healthy jawbone, you can consider yourselves as an eligible candidate for dental implants. Some people are ineligible for implants because they are affected by acute illnesses, metabolic diseases that cannot be controlled or have a bone or soft tissue infections.

    Dental surgeons refrain from performing dental implant surgery if you are smoking excessively, have psychiatric or behavioral disorders, diabetes, bruxism, osteoporosis, HIV, or AIDS because of the risk of dental implant failure. People undergoing chemotherapy or scheduled for treatment for bone loss diseases with the drug bisphosphonate are also considered ineligible for dental implants.

    The Procedure for Having Dental Implants

    You may have a different experience when you decide to undergo dental implant surgery. The factors that may influence your experience include the number of teeth you want to replace, the location of the implants in your jaw, your underlying oral and systemic health, and the quality and quantity of your jawbone. These factors will determine if you need additional procedures like sinus augmentation and Ridge modification. If you are willing to undergo the systems mentioned, you will have fixtures in the bone for replacing the missing teeth.

    Dental implants have a success rate of over 95% and can provide long-term benefits if you take proper care of them as recommended by the dental Surgeon from Mirabella Smiles.

    Maintaining Dental Implants

    After you undergo dental implant surgery, you must continue to brush and floss as you did earlier. Fake teeth must be maintained like your natural teeth because bacteria in your mouth will not discriminate between the false teeth and your real teeth.

    Your dentist or dental Surgeon will schedule regular follow-up visits to monitor the implants and to ensure the teeth and gums are healthy. You must return to your dentist for visits every six months for examinations and professional cleanings.

    The Cost of Dental Implants

    The cost of dental implant surgery will vary depending on the number of implants you want to place, the location of the implants as well as the need for any other procedures to prepare your mouth for the operation. The dentist can give you an estimate of the costs after assessing your condition during the initial stages.

    Dental insurance companies only cover a part of the costs of dental implants. Therefore, you must be prepared to bear a significant portion of the prices of having them inserted.

    The higher costs of dental implant surgery must not discourage you from considering other tooth replacement options that are also available. An excellent solution is being offered by dental implants in Cypress, TX, that will provide lifetime benefits if you take proper care of the implants.

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