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2020: Ours is not to ask

Why, why, why? Because they are there?

2020: Ours is not to ask


Why, why, why? Because they are there?

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Love, Devotion, Hell and other moments while growing up

Love Devotion Hellis a biography, the life story of its author Christina Andersen but it is far from a typical autobiography. Usually an autobiography will trace the growth and

Everything You Need To Know About Dating Women In Los Angeles

There is no doubt that Los Angeles is a completely unique city when it comes to dating. There are so many people and so much diversity that it is

The Pros And Cons of Dating In L.A

Los Angeles is a city with a dating scene that ranges between difficult and incredible depending on which people you ask. Yet, the fact is that there are some

Furry companions will have that effect on us

Some months ago I wrote about our furry companions. After reading, my niece, who has dogs and always had dogs and cats, said we don’t deserve our furry companions

To recap we first need to cap

In today’s economy who can afford to

I Do! Want to hold my wedding outdoors, that is

So you said yes! Congratulations! Now you’re planning your big day. With the average cost of a wedding in Los Angeles standing at $37,317, having your wedding outdoors may be more

Change is often the answer

It has happened to all of us — the great relationship, turns into the good relationship, which turns into the not so great relationship, which then turns into something

Love yourself

Upon entering into 2018 I have found that with the climate of the country today, the best thing any of us can do is take care of ourselves. What

Life: We all just might live in the same shoe

Recently, while my wife and I were visiting her mother at the assisted living facility she recently moved to, she informed us why it was so important for everyone


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