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Time to go home

We are tired of your crap.

Time to go home


We are tired of your crap.

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Happy New Year: Welcome to the 2021 version of 2020

Top illustration by Tim Forkes Lately I’ve been binge watching the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire. I’ve written about it before (kudos to creator David Simon),  I forget when

Merry Christmas in spite of it all

Top photo by Tim Forkes The Return of Reality On Dec.11 the U.S. Supreme Court delivered on what President Donald Trump called “Then Big One.” You know, the lawsuit brought by

November Letters: Elections and the hot water

Photo by Tim Forkes Happy November. If you are reading this, the election has not wrapped up yet. Trump is still putting the finishing touches on his victory parade. Well,

Alien invader in the West Wing

Who knew the leader of the coronavirus denying community could not be

October Letters: Elections, debates, sports and more (or less)

Top illustration by Tim Forkes October’s arrival sees us five weeks away from the next presidential election. There are three presidential debates on tap and just enough time for our

Trumps test positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, shown at a Sept. 11 ceremony, revealed early Friday on Twitter that they are quarantining after testing positive. "We are feeling

COVID-19: America the hotspot

Is anyone surprised Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declined to meet with the Orange Douchebag in Washington, D.C.? The United States is the worst country when it comes

Sports take on injustice and COVID-19 while Trump sucks wind in Tulsa

Going into the fifth month of this coronavirus pandemic, with 2,222,600 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 119,131 deaths due to the disease, as of the morning of June 20,

Protesting and the coronavirus continue and infections start to spike again

Every day we’re confronted with a new low from Donald J. Trump and his administration, with corresponding insanity from his followers on social media. American taxpayers had to shell out


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