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Taking a look at where to buy the Quietest Air Conditioner

Hot summer days filled with ice-creams, kids running around with no shoes on and moms pushing baby strollers along the promenade as they chat away in the heat.

Oh, the days when it all seemed so simple and effortless. Click here for a fun flashback to some great memories. I love these images, so many good times.

Now it’s all about the best spot on the beach, sun creaming your monster until they look like a snowman and ensuring you have your earphones so you don’t have to socialize, or heaven forbid, talk to people.

Heat can make you do some crazy things, it brings out the cranky in people and if you have one of those in your family I highly suggest ensuring you have an AC, and that it’s working. The last thing you need is a scorcher of a day and your air conditioner unit decides it also needs a day at the beach and packs up.

Choosing an Air Con.

When first shopping it can be daunting, they all look the same, there’s technical jargon being thrown around and you begin to feel overwhelmed. Let’s break it down into a few main factors and take it from there.

Deciding on a unit with two cooling speeds is going to be your best bet, the thermostat is adjustable and with twin blades, the speeds can be regulated as you feel necessary.

Speaking of fans, read the decibel rating while you’re out in the shops, the latest models should state the noise levels, especially if you have little ones. A quiet AC is going to be vital to you getting a proper night’s sleep or trying to put the baby down for a nap in 30-degree weather.

For the latest in design and technology when it comes to a soundproof AC go check with an expert for a brief look and who’s who in the zoo, the features, and see what will work best for you. Trust me that sweaty hair stuck to your forehead look will soon be gone.

A big factor for me when choosing was energy efficiency, bills are already so high, so adding to them is not an option. A unit that has a high energy usage rating should be key, a little pricier to begin with, but worthwhile long-term.

Split AC or Window?

A window is essentially just that, it sits on the window, well window sill. Half inside half outside. This is the cheaper option of the 2 and more popular, but it depends on where the box will be situated.

As the compressor is in the box, and the box is in the room, the noise level of the compressor might become an issue. If this was being used in say an office and it was placed on the other side of the room I’d say no problem, pop it in and you’re home free.

If you were looking to have it in the bedroom, will you be ok with it aesthetically as well as listening to the humming engine sounds going on while you sleep? Thus compromise on price becomes a factor. Watch this video on the different air conditioner units for an in-depth understanding of their working and pros and cons.

Split AC, on the other hand, does what it says on the box too, the compressor box and vents are split. Those sleek and chic looking boxes you see in designer homes all have the ugly box part tucked away outside round the side of the house somewhere. But, you pay for pretty.

If you, like me, have worked your whole life and are finally moving into your very own place, then putting in that little bit extra should be a no brainer, I mean you’ve come this far. And you deserve it. Treat yourself to some cool-good looking-air.

5 Advantages of using an Air Conditioner.

  • No more sweaty Betty nights of tossing and turning, modern-day units now come with a room regulating temperature function that keeps the air at a comfortable temperature till you fall asleep, and with auto shut off features, it’s a dream to jump under the covers.
  • A cool breeze in the lounge as you follow your yoga DVD sounds bliss. No more sweating all over the carpet or toweling off every 10 minutes.
  • With the outside heat not getting in, and the ac chilling the house, electronics have less chance of over-heating and causing something more severe. Especially for those with kids who leave plugs and chargers in non-stop like it’s a fashion trend.
  • It creates an all-round better environment, no-one is getting hot and moody and no lethargic bodies moping around.
  • My unwanted friends who seem to find me no matter where. Now with a less humid atmosphere, they tend to stay away, fewer bugs and parasites, sign me up.

There are many more reasons, some of which you may know that I have not mentioned here, but the benefits are great. Read this blog article -, see what some consumers are saying.

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