Taking Note of a Few Things: The Concussion Edition

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I now know how to scare the crap out of an Amazon delivery guy.Apparently, if you leap out of your recliner fast enough to answer the door, there is enough time to open it up while he is still there and before the blood has made it to your brain. Imagine what went through this guy’s head as he saw me keel over and hit my head on the tile floor. By the time my wife woke me, there was blood on the floor and a panic-stricken Amazon deliverer wondering what the protocol is he supposed to follow. As for me, I got to walk around looking like a victim of elder abuse for a few days.

Tile floors are great. Ours looks like wood planks which adds to their look. Cleaning up dog pee and my blood is quick and easy thanks to our flooring choice. Still, nothing beats a lush thick carpet to hit with your head. I may have to resort to wearing a bicycle helmet when I relax in my recliner and watch TV.

Am I the only person who sees the hypocrisy in a company named Amazon? With each new gas burning truck or van they put on the road, they help to kill a little more of the rainforest.

I bet they are granted a waiver come 2024 when the rest of us must buy electric vehicles if we want a new car in this state. If I am wrong, what do you bet Amazon starts buying up every used van and delivery vehicle on the planet between now and then so they can rely on fossil fuel?

Mikhail Gorbachev passed away recently and was denied a state funeral by Vladimir Putin who blames Gorbachev for the fall of the Soviet Union. So it would make sense he denies him of what many Russians feel he deserves. Besides, the Kremlin has limited space for its great leaders and Putin, I am sure, is saving room for when Donald Trump dies.

I hate to brag, but I did mention early in the Biden presidency that Trump would be Biden’s best weapon for the midterms. It seems to be the case as November nears and with each day Trump is closer to being indicted for his role in an attempted coup. The question that remains is whether it will be enough for Democrats to keep at least the Senate and possibly the House.

It does my heart good seeing the GOP turning on each other. Will it be enough to split them into two parties if they fail to win either chamber of Congress? As Trump’s legal woes mount, more Republicans are torn between sticking with him or distancing themselves. This is one of the reasons history matters. We can rely on actual quotes and film to counter the ridiculous attempts some in the GOP will use to appear to not support Agent Orange.

I am also curious to see if the two Trump flag and banner waving neighbors I have will break them back out when 2024 approaches. One had a red, white, and blue Trump banner with another one saying, “Don’t Tread On Us,” while the other went with the more comical Trump head on Rambo’s body with the American flag next to it.

When my wife and I make our big move to Tennessee, I am already prepared to see plenty of pro Trump banners, MAGA hats, and anything else he offers up to the public to raise money for himself. It’s a good reminder of why I never placed any political endorsements on my property. I do my civic duty and vote, but I am not going to try to influence how someone else votes, unless they read my articles.

My lawns are remaining green to the eye for the most part despite being cut back to one day a week of watering them for 15-minutes However, now that September has arrived, our city has reduced that time to just ten minutes.

Several of my neighbors have removed grass and replaced it with decorative concrete. Clearly, concrete does not need to be watered once it is installed. However, does anyone factor in how much water is used when installing it? Besides mixing it to make concrete, it is used in large amounts to hose off messes because no one wants to sweep when they have access to water.

Neighbors with dry and brown lawns are still paying crews to come by weekly to mow and blow their yards. Are they doing it because they haven’t the heart to tell their Gardner they are no longer needed, or do they blindly pay them each month to come by while they are away at work?

With the arrival of September, many mornings have our cars covered with heavy moisture from the night before. I love it because I can now go back to wiping it off each morning and cleaning the cars’ exteriors in the process. I may get taxed to death in this state, but I will be damned if I pay to have our cars washed.

Why was the first hurricane of the season named Danielle and not something with the letter A? Have we dropped the first three letters of the alphabet as part of our woke culture?

It would appear former president Trump had at the very least a unique system of filing classified documents. Based on his system, I feel comfortable saying he might never be assigned the job of prison librarian when he gets sent up the river.

Recently I watched Sylvester Stallone’s new film, Samaritan, and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It wasn’t great, but good enough to watch.

My August music station was set on Led Zeppelin, so I heard plenty of their stuff. Their best songs are hard to list in order, but I found myself really enjoying the following from them: “Trampled Under Foot,” “The Rover,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” “When the Levee Breaks,” and “Babe I’m Gonna’ Leave You.”

I think this month, I will set my station to southern rock. The 1970’s was a hotbed for southern artists who mixed in a variety of genres into some of rock’s greatest music.

Texas and Arizona have been sending busloads of migrants to liberal cities like New York and Chicago as their way of making a statement on immigration and our border problems. The only statement I take from this is the two states are run by dicks. Build your own border walls with buses stacked on top of one another. You complain so much about federal overreach, solve your own border issues.

I’ve said it before and will continue saying it: Part of our border problem is the result of white Americans thinking they are above having to do manual labor. How many white people do you see demanding to work in our fields? When was the last time you saw a white person cleaning your motel or hotel room? When was the last time parents demanded their kids have a chance to start working at places like McDonald’s or doing grunt work on construction job sites? White America is the laziest bunch of people on the planet. They have no argument when it comes to our border issues.

Well, I couldn’t wait until October when over the counter hearing aids become available at a much cheaper price. I had to do something since one of my hearing aids is broken and the other one has a fit issue. Instead of paying to have them fixed, I purchased two different hearing amplifiers. I have my eye on a third set.

I don’t know about other states, but I will say California Governor Newsom is the only governor in this country I see truly willing to take on global warming and make it a priority. Since the great drought of the late 1970’s when Jerry Brown was too busy courting Linda Ronstadt, no governor has taken global warming or even periodic droughts seriously. Perhaps had they, we might have more water today saved from collecting rain runoff or from constructing more desalination plants.

Jerry Brown was a four-time flop as governor when it comes to tackling our constant concern over enough water. His vanity train project will run well over $100 billion dollars and do nothing for our water woes. In fact, if you add in the amount of water used to construct the project, it will only serve to increase them.

Can anyone tell me what $100 billion dollars would do to help our water problems? It’s probably just a drop in the bucket of what it will end up costing future generations.

It’s also time to think bigger. There must be a way to begin a system of aqueducts that can transport water from massive rain systems that hit the eastern part of the nation. Unfortunately, this nation is woefully behind the times when it comes to our infrastructure. Most of us have no clue just how outdated or in need of repair our bridges are.

I know I am barking up a tree, but as long as we fight pointless wars, we will never have the money to address our issues at home. Twenty years and nothing to show but trillions of dollars spent is not an effective use of taxpayer money. Rubber stamping continual increases in military funding is also an ineffective use of taxpayer money. It is far beyond time to let taxpayers decide where they want to see their money go and not be talked into fearing an enemy who can’t reach us by politicians who are in cahoots with corporations who make billions making weapons for our military.

If we have learned anything from the Trump presidency, it is that our biggest enemies lie within our borders and are American citizens. At the rate we are going, we will collapse from within and need our service men and women to put down our biggest threats. Rather than spending trillions over 20 years in some God forsaken place on the planet, it makes far more sense to do the same to rebuild our nation. We can no longer afford to ignore our problems or kick them down the road.

President Biden is right when he calls out Trump and his MAGA supporters. Keep in mind, not all people who voted for Trump are MAGA supporters. They were longtime conservatives who could not bring themselves to vote for a democrat. Hopefully, this will change in 2024 as it looks like if it isn’t Trump running against Biden, it will be someone much like him who will appeal to the various hate groups associated with the January 6th attempted coup.

President Joe Biden at Independence Hall in Philadelphia
Screenshot https://youtu.be/JemWkV2Vcic

If Biden runs and is re-elected, I would like to see him step up the efforts of flushing out who the key players are in all these hate groups. Our nation cannot remain united if we give voice to those willing to slash and burn all we stand for as a country.

The Constitution is clear and how it has been interpreted by previous Supreme Courts regarding hate is also clear. People are free to think all the hate they want. However, when it comes to promoting it or acting on it, there has been zero tolerance for it. Now that three of the six members of the court have been appointed by Trump and a fourth, Thomas, is openly supportive of Trump’s move to declare the 2020 election void, it leaves it in the hands of five other justices to continue our zero tolerance of hate groups.

College football begins in full force this weekend and kids are finally cashing in on their talent with NIL deals. I am a big supporter of college athletes being paid. However, I am not so sure it is a good idea seeing these kids riding some very sweet rides. If more mature NFL players can’t handle driving responsibly, how long before a college player dies or kills others because of speeding and/or alcohol?

When we move to Tennessee, we will be in the heart of SEC country where life stops on Saturday to watch the Volunteers play ball. I already have an orange-colored Tennessee football t-shirt and another in white. I’m letting my wife pick out her own. I just hope she doesn’t pick pink. We are already going to stick out being from California.

Serena Williams After Her Match With Australian Ajla Tomljanovic
Screenshot https://youtu.be/m28CB6MZbqY

Serena Williams has finally ended her storied tennis career, losing in the round of 32 at the U.S. Open. At the age of 40, she has plenty of victories, near misses, and injuries and yet through all of them has managed to maintain an amazing level of greatness. She has been a wonderful role model for women of all colors and gained the respect of male athletes who recognize her greatness not based on her gender, but on her total game as it compares to anyone.