Ted Cruz cares only about Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz wants us to think he values the sanctity of life. He doesn’t. He values only what will garner him votes and he does not care how many lives it costs.

He, and many other conservatives, want you think that by working to make abortions and women’s health care less available, they really care about all life because after all, the unborn need representation too. In fact, they deserve it more than the born who are slaughtered inside churches, or attending concerts, and within the walls of our schools because guns, and the gun lobby support, matter more to him than any life on this planet.

Ted Cruz wants us to know now is not the proper time to talk about gun control, not with families grieving after their loved ones were riddled with bullets in yet another mass shooting. It was not the right time to talk gun control after Columbine. It was wrong again after Aurora. It was too soon after Sandy Hook, and it was not the right time after Las Vegas. There will never be a right time because Ted Cruz lacks respect for humanity.

Cruz is willing to accept blood money from the NRA and any other gun lobby out there and sleeps well knowing the dead whose lives were lost in mass shootings are written off by him as the cost of doing business.

It’s no wonder he also supports the death penalty despite the financial cost being far greater than a life sentence without parole. He has no problem sending young men and women off to far off lands to fight wars for the oil industry because their money matters more than human life.

But back to guns. Ted Cruz can get in front of the cameras and praise a few heroes for their timely work in confronting our latest mass shooter. He will use their rare actions to explain why more of us should be carrying guns because the more guns we have, the safer we are. This makes about as much sense as the more smokers we have the healthier air we breathe.

Cruz will make damn sure to point out why the mentally unstable should not be allowed to own weapons while making mental health more difficult to obtain. The senator wants to wipe it out in another attempt to eliminate any form of subsidized health care because he is as as thoughtless as any mass shooter shooting up a church.

You see, in Ted Cruz’s world, you never admit you are wrong or that your beliefs have changed because of circumstances because to do so is a sign of weakness. Instead, you jump in front of the cameras, refuse to talk about the problem while you smile over the actions of two brave men who did what was right not because they sought votes, but because they care about human life. He spins the work of others to try and garner more votes while refusing to address the real issue because he no longer can explain it away.

Ted Cruz’s reaction would have been no different had the shooter shot up Congress. His initial reaction is to think of how he can capitalize off of the horrific actions that are in a large part the fault of legislators like him who have no backbone, no moral compass, and not one ounce of compassion for human life.

In my world, this does not make Ted Cruz a leader, it makes him complicit in the ever increasing mass shootings that affect this nation and seem to be nearly nonexistent in the rest of the civilized world.

Top photo of Ted Cruz in Sutherland Springs, Texas is a YouTube screenshot