Thanksgiving happy? We’re one year closer to the last

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Thanksgiving. Happy? We celebrate by a parade of gluttony and self-righteous American exclusivity. Excuse me, could you pass the genetically engineered mammal fat please? I need some more of that rich mucogen colored gravy for that plate of flesh so that it tastes like something more than death.

Thanksgiving. The first feast at Plymouth was fiction to make us feel better about bludgeoning the indigenous peoples of this hemisphere with superior weaponry, and propaganda (which today in the 21st century would be construed as genocide,) so as to exploit its resources for the rich and powerful.

Old news, I know. Nothings really changed has it? But we won fair and square. We’re white. We can do anything. It’s God’s will. He’s white. Then the powdered wig dandies that founded this nation had their slaves do all the dirty work so that could prance about wearing knickers and rape their favorites. A proud heritage. An exemplary beacon to the free world.

While the rest of the world looks to the future, as at the Bonn COP, last week, discussing new energy strategies, America points to the past, with coal, fossil gas and nuclear. It’s good for business, well if it’s your business.

Same week, back in God’s Country, that’s US, Texan Congressman Lamar Smith (chair of the House Science committee) — well he done put together a symposium discussing geo-engineering, spraying the stratosphere with sulfides to reflect sunlight back into space and cool the planet, well at least America. Remember America first.

Will the trees wither and die? Who cares? It’s worth it right? Then we can continue to spew carbon and pollute to our heart’s desire. More carbon, more Sulphur. More business. Will Monsato save us? Will they have crops that grow in a perpetual twilight’s last gleaming? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m sure the billionaire elite have enough MREs stockpiled for when it’s really too hot in the kitchen.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Each year we get a little closer to the last.

Photo by Jeff Worman