The Best eSports How-To Guide for 2020

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When it comes to any sports everyone has their favorites. Some people live for hockey, others are die-hard football fans, either way, you have to flip channels or travel to different arenas to appreciate your game. In the world of eSports, you can enjoy a variety of esports all in one spot. In this article, we will be discussing the variety that esports offers.

Let’s jump in.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive – CS: GO

Even the name sounds exciting and these games are by far one of the most popular for players and betters alike. This first-person shooter game is played in a search-and-destroy style, known as the counter-terrorists and terrorists respectively.

In these games, the goals revolve around defusing bombs planted by terrorists or preventing the bomb to be planted in the first place. The first sixteen wins demarcate each win. In the pro scene, however, the games might be broken up with an overtime match instead of a draw or popular tournaments such as Best of Three.

With hundreds of games being played across the best csgo betting sites. It also is the only tournament that offers a trading system between players adding a lot of interest reflected in the large prize pools and vast amounts of viewers.

Speaking of popularity if you haven’t heard of DOTA – you should check it out now.

Defense of the Ancient Arts – DOTA

This multiplayer online battle arena style game is the most popular eSports game today.  By entering into the best csgo betting sites and begin with the first step, known as the pick and ban.

This is a relatively long process when compared to other MOBAs, as well as a long list of heroes to pick from but after a while, you will begin to recognize and choose your favorites.

DOTA Lingo

To get started it helps to know the lingo and DOTA games come with quite a bit. Here are the top five to get started so you can have a decent idea of what’s happening in the game.

  • A Wipe – when your team annihilates every player on the other team
  • Ganks – trying to overpower the enemy by moving into another lane
  • Buybacks – only found in DOTA, this is when after death you can spend gold and respawn right away
  • Farming is another terms for Heroes killing Creeps who then give gold
  • Play Five when an entire team chooses to fight together as much as they can

This may all seem very foreign now but as you begin to play you will get the hang of it. From a betters perspective, understanding the lingo and tactics will help you make informed bets on the players and plays within the game.

I can’t mention MOBA without giving a nod to an equally popular mega-weight, LoL, League of Legends.

League of Legends

Developed by Riot, LOL offers a large variety of Champions. With ten players fighting as two teams, the battle’s location known as Summoners Rift. This unique location is LOLs main map and holds three lanes as well as a river that creates 4 quadrants respectively through the jungle.

There are nine tiers total starting from the lowest known as the Iron tier to the top or Challenger tier. Champions are broken down by what they can do so for example, you may have a champ whose main strengths are assassin or fighter. Like DOTA you can use gold to purchase stats to increase your Champs abilities as well as ability powers and armor.

Wrap Up

If you are just getting started in the world of eSports check out these popular games and get to know the lingo, tactics, and strategies for each style. Whether you favor a CSGO or MOBA or both, learning and observing how the games are played is essential. For more information, be sure to check out the best csgo betting sites at Rivalry.