The ignorant will die

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American ignorance is astounding. Enough has been written about our president and his remarks about four elected women of color resulting in “Send Her Back” chants. White ignorance in this nation is on the rise and will continue if Trump remains in the White House.

People who want to “take this country back” forget much of it was once part of Mexico and at no time was it ever a white man’s nation. They forget about the native population decimated by the ever-westward expansion whites justified as Manifest Destiny. Believe what you want, but I have yet to see anything remotely close to a burning bush or set of commandments instructing whites to rape this land and destroy anything and anyone that gets in its way just to build a nation of close minded ignoramuses.

These same folks love to talk about how we are a nation of peace minded, God loving Christians while forgetting they have kept us a nation at war for almost 80 percent of our history. Yes, I believe they believe “Thou Shalt Not Kill” means they are free to do as they see fit — just if we never talk about it or record it for historical purpose. Execute more criminals. Kill the baby killers. More wars in the name of peace. Arm more citizens so they can kill all the bad people who live here.

Free speech means to say whatever you want about others while questioning their patriotism when they openly disagree with you, clearly dismantle your arguments, and factually prove you to be nothing more than a liar.

The ignorant may find bliss inside their shells, but for those of us who live in the real world, their ignorance is designed to do away with our right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. The president’s followers would have you believe no one starves in America, the poor just choose not to work. Worse, the poor are a worthless strain on society and get what they deserve. Did I mention, these pricks also see themselves as the only people who feel all lives matter?

Apparently, if some of us speak out against these folks, we are misrepresenting them and making them uncomfortable. They resent being called racists even though they love a president because he encourages them to freely chant, “Send her back.” Do they even know who “her” is? Do they know her story? Do they care about what she has done to get to where she is at? We all know the answers to these questions.

The president and his followers now have a new word for what has commonly been called facts. That new word is FAKE. All news, all history, all science, all anything that goes against their ignorance is fake. You see, when you point out the shortcomings of their beliefs with facts, they have nothing they can argue and are left with the new F word. “That’s fake information from a fake source. Why don’t you just go back to where you came from and get out of this country if you do not love it?”

“It’s fake news that I’m here at Mar-a-Lago playing golf”(YouTube)

By loving this nation, they really are telling us loving it the way they do and believing in only what they believe in. Their sick little brainwashed minds can’t handle change and need constant reminding their ignorance is intelligence. It isn’t. There is nothing smart about people who follow a leader who hates people of color, relies on divisiveness and fear to gain votes, and whose own life is a total contradiction to the one you claim it is.

This is not just about controlling who is in this nation and who isn’t. It’s about controlling our minds. The ignorant are fine with the elimination of freedom of speech because they believe it will result in people only saying the type of comments they agree with. You end debate by eliminating free speech. You eliminate discontent by eliminating free expression. You don’t just sanitize the world you live in; you eliminate any sign of there ever being anything other than your like kind so you can go about and rewrite your sick version of history.

You are a living reminder to me of the same levels a sick minded people will go to in order to cling to a perverse and dying way of life because they fear the inevitable. You want an America far more reflective of white-ruled South Africa than one based on the ideals of our founding fathers. You will create a history so full of holes and shove it down the minds of your offspring just to hang onto the only life you have known and the only life you want your children to know.

Who cares at whose expense it comes from? You just fear change because, like white-ruled South Africa, you are afraid to find out it is possible to move forward in this ever-changing world without having to fear people simply because they look, believe, or act differently than you.

However, thanks to your failure to grasp science, you fail to realize for every action, there is an equal opposite reaction. You do not know anything about repeating the mistakes of history by failing to learn from them because your version only reinforces what you want to believe. You claim your leader does not want to be a dictator because he was elected to office. Here is a news flash, most dictators are elected to office, including a guy named Hitler, and they do not need the help of Russians to do so.

Your walls will crumble down upon you in the bloodiest fashion because you fail to grasp a concept about a house divided not being able to remain in place. Your great wall will be torn down before it is ever built no matter how many troops you place at the border because you know nothing of the ancient history of a land called Berlin.

Have you any clue how long it took the south to recover from a civil war, all because they wanted to cling to a way of life that was for whites only? Of course, you don’t. You have no time to read anything that is longer than 40 characters and comes from a clown thrice married (twice to immigrants), too busy golfing (Yes, more than all the presidents before him), thinks our history includes securing airports during the American Revolution, and who is fine with the Russians helping him get elected.

All you care about is he hates the same people you hate; people of color, women who do not find him smart, attractive, moral, or wealthy, and anyone or group who are on to his bullshit and call him out for it. Your simple minds cannot grasp the concept you have been duped by a man who takes full advantage of your ignorance and uses it to further his private desire to profit off his thirst for power.

I have long stopped feeling sorry for your kind. I hold no hope for your ability to change and see the light. I have no interest in engaging you any further in debate because I have more important things to do, one of which is to scrub my toilets. You are a cancer, and rather than engaging you in debate, I prefer to push back and fight you with the hopes of destroying you once and for all so this nation can regain its health and get back to being the type of nation it once was, a beacon of hope, rather than a bastion of ignorance.