The Perfect Checkout is a New Ecommerce Solution for Better Stores

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The inevitable decline in physical brick-and-mortar store shopping due to the pandemic has led to an increase in digital online stores. People all over the world are now forced to procure all their needs from thousands of web stores fighting for their attention.

If you’re one of those people trying to get in on the action and open your own online store, there are challenges ahead. However, Perfect Checkout is here to make the process as easy and versatile as possible. We’ll explore what this new credit card processing solution is making heads turn. 

A Perfect Option for Ecommerce

The creator of this emerging platform has been working to find a comprehensive solution to offer the FinTech world for 8 years. James Rowland envisioned a tool that would help small to medium-sized independent retailers set up shop online. The difference, he believes, is that Perfect eliminates the limitations of big services like WooCommerce and Shopify. 

From customization to user experience, also known as UX, all the well-known platforms severely limit opportunities for newer businesses. With selling restrictions and an incredibly high price to pay for customizability, there was a lot of room for improvement. This is where Rowland’s Perfect Checkout comes in, a service that allows anyone to start selling without the pain or cost of these other platforms.

“I can relate to anyone who’s involved in launching an online store,” James Rowland said. “E-Commerce is still in its infancy, and launching even a simple online store can be both exhausting and quickly expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even for me, it’s a big job to get a proper e-commerce website off the ground. I don’t know anyone in my field who doesn’t wish it was easier.”

An Option for New Markets

Rowland’s purpose in building Perfect Checkout was to make it simple to build and activate your e-commerce store and start selling your products. But if you happen to find yourself in controversial markets then you are either completely restricted or severely limited. Take CBD for example. Rowland has experience working with the emerging product from his days as CEO of They were not able to sell on Shopify due to limitations, so they chose to partner with Square, a different credit card processing platform. 

With CBD projected to grow rapidly over the next few years, there had to be another way to start selling online. In general what bothered Rowland was the lack of a tool that was accessible and versatile. Thus, he started working on Perfect Checkout to unlock opportunities for these ‘outsider’ markets with an all-in-one payment processing platform. 

Part of Perfect’s appeal is its ‘underdog’ mission, to undercut the big players such as WooCommerce and Shopify whom Rowland believes are too big. And it’s true, with so much of the market captured, these services can implement any measure of restrictions as they please. This leaves many store owners vulnerable to the ever-changing rules and regulations. This freedom from limitations makes it worth it for many store owners who seek the flexibility to changing consumer demands. 

An Exciting New Prospect

These reasons and more are responsible for an impressive show of support from FinTech fans on Facebook. Rowland announced the beta for Perfect Checkout on the WooCommerce Facebook page and received overwhelming support. In the first two days, he received more than 600 sign-ups. 

“I just shot a quick video showing what we built and talking to the camera,” James Rowland said. “I blurted out that I think our checkout solution is actually better than Shopify’s now, and I think that excited a lot of WooCommerce supporters who have been wanting a solution like this.”

Perfect Checkout is a competitive alternative to Shopify and other big platforms, particularly for its customizable options. A Shopify Plus plan to do the same thing will cost users thousands of dollars a year. However, for only a small percentage of total sales and a low monthly fee, you can have all the features and freedom of Rowlands new and virtually ‘perfect” solution.