Theatre West presents the award-winning “The Face Behind the Face Behind the Face”

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As I sat in my seat at the charming Theatre West watching the undeniably vastly talented award winning actor/singer Anthony Gruppuso take us on a wild ride through the challenges faced by all who pursue a career in the performing arts, I couldn’t help but to wonder just how many in the audience could completely identify with that experience. I mean Theatre West is located right next to Universal Studios and clearly draws much of its audience from the surrounding area often referred to as Hollywood.

He tells his tale while delivering 17 songs all performed beautifully by Anthony while at the same time reflecting on the frustrations of call back after call back after call back without landing the part. Even worse moments when he gets the part and then the show falls apart before ever being performed.

Yet for all of the disappointments and frustrations, would Anthony Gruppuso or any other performing artist stop chasing the dream and accept life as, oh I don’t know maybe an insurance salesman? I don’t think so because it is their passion that drives them.

But can any of this be truly entertaining to people not in “the industry?” Yes, of course it can because after all a show without an audience is irrelevant so the audience in its own way shares in the passion of the performers.

The Face Behind the Face Behind the Face has earned Anthony Gruppuso a nomination for Broadway World’s Male Artist of Year and in 2014 a Scenic Award for Most Memorable Solo.

Now it continues to dazzle audiences at Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Boulevard, West Los Angeles, California. But there are only a few shows left each on Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. now thorough October 29th.  Ticketing and reservations are available by calling 323-851-7977 or online.

Theatre West is now in its 55th year. Theatre companies don’t last that long without consistently producing quality shows and this is one of them.

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