Thinking too much

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I Think Too Much

There is no doubt I think about things too much. Unfortunately, my mind is not one that is wired to think about things I can solve, like ridding the world of cancer or poverty, but rather things that end up driving me to rip out chunks of leg hair in the middle of the night. It’s why if I do not listen to music when I work out, do a project, or go on a long drive, I end up dwelling on stuff that ends up making me question how man is able to accomplish anything because we are one screwed up species.

Here is just a small sample of some of the random thoughts that trouble me of late.

  1. People who look for an excuse to drink usually are those drink too much.  However, people who you think exercise too much never need an excuse to go workout.
  2. Chop sticks are a joke.  I have never heard anyone say they wish they had chop sticks to eat their nice dinner at an Italian or Mexican restaurant, but in a Chinese restaurant, they make sure you have a fork just in case you want to eat your meal while it is still warm.
  3. Banning a game like dodge ball because it promotes and rewards aggressive behavior while punishes non aggression does not make sense in a nation that constantly relies on aggression to impose its will on other nations.
  4. The use of performance enhancing drugs by professional athletes is viewed by many to be cheating while teams that sell alcohol to crazed fans is called good business.
  5. One political party claims to be the party for the disenfranchised, but they have no problem running a candidate their party leaders rigged the system to make sure she became their representative.  Meanwhile, another party wonders if they will exist in another four years if they support a man whose anger and hate may well get him elected president. This is not how democracy works, it’s how politics works.
  6. We have endless choices of cereal, toilet paper, cold and allergy meds, and even self-help books, but only two major political parties.  I’m not sure our founding fathers would be proud of the nation we have today.
  7. I have never heard a politician, or anyone for that matter, call someone a racist for referring to a group of people as poor white trash.  However, if you replace white with brown or black, suddenly they are a racist.
  8. Gateway Drug is a horribly misused term in our country, especially when describing marijuana. More citizens will turn to heroin because their doctor prescribed Oxycontin to them than will because they lit up a blunt.  The fact is, living in the United States is a gateway to dependency on prescription meds, alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine, all of which are legal.
  9. Watching a replay of Sarah Silverman and Al Franken at the podium of the Democratic National Convention made me realize just house fast people can look stupid.  It also made me realize just how stupid voters from Minnesota are.  Any state that elects Franken, Jesse Ventura, and Michelle Bachman ought to be kicked out of the union.
  10. Once the Democratic National Convention is over, the only presidential debate I am interested in is between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.