Tips to remember while renewing car insurance online

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As per the law, you should get a third-party car insurance policy. However, you need to keep in mind that just third-party car insurance will not provide you the cover for the damage to your vehicle. It is thus advised to have a comprehensive car insurance plan. Some car insurance policies also offer road assistance in case of a breakdown. That being said, it is essential to renew your car insurance policy on time so that you do not get on the wrong side of the law.

While renewing your insurance policy, you should check the features to know more about USAA roadside assistance program provided by your insurance company. Nowadays, it has become easier to renew your car insurance policy online. To minimize the cost and avail maximum features, keep the following tips in mind while renewing car insurance online.

You can do it without any agent’s support

Car insurance policies are not too complicated. The insurance companies have simplified the process in a way that the car owners can buy or renew their policies easily in a few clicks. It is common for car owners to purchase insurance policies suggested by the car company. They often provide a discount on the insurance policy as well. However, if you check online, you will find many more options while renewing the policy, which can bring down the premium cost and increase benefits substantially.

Review the cover included in your policy

Based on the current requirements, there are options to increase or decrease the cover. Also, if you feel that your current insurance provider is not the best choice, you can shift your policy to another provider, as well. There are options of add-ons that cover accessories etc. that you might have added on later stages. Also, if you have added a security system in your car, it can reduce the premium cost.

Get more info about the insurer

You should check the reputation of your insurance provider every year before renewing the car insurance policy. Check again for the reviews and successful claim percentage. It is also essential for the insurance company to have the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India’s (IRDAI) certification to act as an insurance provider.

IDV is a crucial factor

Insured Declared Value is the market price of your car at any given point. It is an essential factor while deciding your premium. It is essential to pick the correct IDV while renewing the insurance policy. Make sure you do not reduce IDV to reduce the premium cost as it will reduce the cover as well.

Your NCB is transferrable

Please note that NCB or No-Claim bonus is transferrable as it applies to the person and not the vehicle. If you are transferring your insurance policy at the time of renewal, make sure to check with the new insurance provider about the discount on premium under NCB.

Car insurance policy is not only mandatory as per law, but it is also essential to save you any significant financial losses. You should renew your car insurance policy before the expiration date and make sure you get the additional benefits like insurance on accessories and USAA roadside assistance.