Top Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

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The number of startups and tech companies doing global and domestic business climbs exponentially from year to year. Today, there are hundreds of companies providing incredible impact and claiming their market share of the ever-growing and evolving tech space. Let’s take a look at prominent tech businesses that are creating practical solutions to customer needs and advancing the tech world through their specialized, quality services and products.

Able Innovations was founded in 2018 and focuses on developing robotic technologies that mitigate major injury and burnout for the staff who transfer patients from hospital beds to stretchers and other transportable hospital mechanisms. In an environment where hospitals are already short staffed, providing automation to this strenuous task can preserve health and support longevity. The repetitive physicality of moving patients compounded with the required contact that could expose staff to contagious disease is a higher risk scenario than many consider.

The Alta Platform™ is the culmination of more than a decade of independent work in high-scale robotics development which culminated in a lucrative business partnership. While Able Innovations founders, Jayish Singh and Philip Chang, took different paths to this development, they collectively identified and solved a problem plaguing hospitals throughout the world.

The company has plans to work closely with partner facilities in creating sustainable caregiving by relieving the labor burdens placed on front-end staff, and they have deployed pilot studies at two of Canada’s primary hospitals. They continue to seek funding and are working to scale their production and rollout to meet the needs of hospitals in an expanding area.

MedMe Health brings streamlined, customized operating systems to the pharmaceutical space, seeking to revolutionize the way pharmacies serve communities. With the transformative goal of creating healthcare hubs from what are often seen as simple dispensaries, MedMe Health seeks to position pharmacists as healthcare providers within communities. By leveraging the knowledge and skills of pharmacists who are often relegated to less hands-on healthcare, the company envisions bridging the gap between community healthcare deficits and the brain trust available through local pharmacists.

The company continues to experience rapid growth and level-up their modular platform. By providing communities of every sort with the technology that brings impactful healthcare experiences and other wellness offerings, MedMe Health is helping the world realize the future of pharmacies.

Intribe provides connection for brands whose services, ideals, and offerings are complementary to each other. By positioning brands for smart collaborations, the platform has become the dating app for brand partnerships. Users can easily set up a profile and tap into a curated list of brands then collaborate to reach new audience and client bases with targeted, relevant messaging. By finding the right partners and driving meaningful customer growth, Intribe allows like-minded brands to easily find each other and collaborate on mutual terms.

To date, over 75,000 brands have committed, and the new signup waitlist is growing by close to 40%, month over month. As Intribe grows, it continues to develop automations ad management tools which will support meaningful relationships and alleviate the labor of repeated tasks. By automating the mundane, the company seeks to hone in on the personal elements that bring quality connections between brands.

AUKEY is a global tech company which provides quality manufacturing and e-commerce of common technology. Form power banks and chargers to other accessories like earbuds, the company’s products are sold throughout the world. The company was founded in 2005, and since then it continuously ranks in tech publications with its award-winning accessories. Year after year, AUKEY’s quality products are winning design awards and accolades from global tech authorities such as Red Dot and iF.

AUKEY is headquartered in mainland China and is known for its chargers, cables, adapters, hubs, and other tech which supports and enhances computer and mobile device use. As its tech gets smaller, sleeker, and higher powered, the brand continues to expand.

“The AUKEY brand is about quality,” said a representative from the company. “Tech is constantly changing, and anticipating the needs of the consumer has led us from establishing ourselves as a startup to over a decade of continued advancement as we answer the needs our customers have not yet identified and establish our tech designs as industry leaders.”

QuantigoAI is providing the training data solutions companies in the AI space require for end-to-end functionality. By assisting clients with the cost and efficiency of their data acquisition, QuantigoAI is upping the game for specialty expertise including image and video annotation, data collection, and validation of model-generated results. The startup is based in Toronto and works with clients in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

In an industry where tech evolution happens daily, QuanitgoAI takes pride in staying at the front of the pack, innovating, and anticipating the next step in artificial intelligence development. It continues to keep its pulse on the industry trends.

As the uses of technology continue to expand and its presence becomes essential in homes, schools, and workplaces of every size, tech startups and established industry leaders must continue to innovate and identify solutions to common consumer problems. The tech space will constantly evolve, and to stay relevant, today’s tech companies must specialize and bring unique service and product offerings of the highest quality.