Trailblazer Dr. Angela Chester On A Mission To Empower Women While Living A Purpose Driven Life

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Smart, sophisticated, and a classic example of stepping out on faith has become the hallmark of Dr. Angela Butts Chester.  Dr. Chester has been a major player in the faith-based world, and, in just a few years, Chester has forged her own highly regarded brand that includes radio, television, a thriving private practice, her ministry, headlining conferences, and special appearances at local and national events.

Though not yet a household name, Chester is a known authority on Christian empowerment and a Top 10 Spiritual Thought Leader on Health and Wellness, according to Thinkers360. Chester empowers the community by hosting Daily Spark With Dr. Angela on faith talk radio, Daily Spark TV on inspirational TV, Modern Living With Dr. Angela podcast, and Hello Monday With Dr. Angela podcast. Her programs air in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, and Upstate New York, to name a few.

A native Virginian, Chester currently serves on the advisory board of the National InterFaith Council and is a member of the International Society for Mental Health. She is also a published author and counselor with New Life Pastoral Counseling.  Chester is the granddaughter of the late Atty. Williams Davis Butts who was referenced in the novel Hidden Figures. Her grandfather practiced civil law in Newport News.

Not allowing any grass to grow under her feet, Chester stays busy changing her city, with a wide reach and goals to add her unique spark to the world.  The trailblazer and trendsetter took time out of her busy schedule to speak with veteran journalist Germany Kent about the love she has for the work that she does in Virginia, and beyond.

Chester uses her voice to empower women.  “As a speaker, I like to give actionable steps that cause positive change within days on the given topic. In a counseling or coaching session, many times it’s a mindset or learned behavior that needs to be addressed.  Getting someone past limiting beliefs can free them to see a different perspective,” Chester said. “By bringing guests on both radio and TV, we talk about topics that will spark the listener, causing them to positively move.”

When asked how do you live a purposeful life, Chester replied “With intention, dedication, mindfulness, and a willingness to do and learn.”

You would think with her boundless energy, talent and good looks that men would be throwing themselves at her 24/7.  But Chester is not tuned in to distractions, but is more concerned with what God says about her, and her commitment to making a difference.  There is an assignment and a calling on her life and she knows it.

These days, Chester is too focused on the good things on the way and staying in faith believing that God is about to do a mighty work.  “This year the goal is to reach 500 radio episodes and conclude Season 10 of TV on a positive note.  I’m always creating and looking for ways to bring more to my audience.  So, over the next 5 years, I’d like to get back to in-person TV interviews, have community giveaways for Thanksgiving and Christmas in a listening area, and host at least 2 conferences a year,” Chester said.

It has been a slow building process, but a very consistent process for Chester who said the best thing about her work is seeing people grow into the person they’ve always wanted to be.  Chester said it’s reassuring “When people step out of restrictive mindsets, and limiting beliefs, into the amazing person they’ve been purposed to be.

“As a pastoral counselor, an empowerment coach, and as a speaker especially, many times you can see the person putting the pieces together, the gear moving, when they are having that aha moment,” Chester said in reference to the impact her work has had on others.

The executive TV and radio host has been a leader in community affairs and been responsible for programs and initiatives that bridge gaps between the faith-based community and the mental health community.  For Chester, her passion is to develop and foster relationships with various clients, and assist in strategic and development planning.

Chester is constantly sowing seeds and has more in store for this season.  “I will be releasing three bible study packages over the next year that help women at various life stages. I work with Millennial and Gen X women. I will also continue to do some free events and talks.  I think it is important to get paid for your services, but equally so, to give back to your community as often as you can.”

The pastoral counselor  is passionate about helping others, and some of it stems from challenges and setbacks in life that she has had to endure.  Adversity builds character, and Chester knows all about it.  “My biggest adversity was dealing with Breast Cancer.  Dealing with cancer and then having to restart my practice really taught me to be patient with myself and others, and how to see my vision from a different point of view.”

Chester said her creative energy keeps her going.  “I want to help 10k women Pivot for Purpose. I’d like to partner with the right folks for radio and TV as sponsors, and I am also open to the awesome things that God has in store but hasn’t shared with me yet,” said Chester.

Turning to faith is common for Chester as she focuses on the mind, body and spirit.  She tries to stay in faith and make room to allow God to work in her life.  “Prayer, meditation, and discernment.  Spending personal time with God enables me to know more than I would know or understand on my own.  I am so thankful for every moment that prompted me to pause, stop, or go now,” Chester said.

Chester credits three women in particular who have been most impactful in her life.  “My Mother, Godmother, and my paternal Aunt have molded me into the woman I am today.”  Chester said, “I speak on women’s empowerment because I learned early that empowered women empower women.”  Still the powerful leader said, “I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my father in that list.  My determination, advocate’s heart, and confidence in part comes from him,” the proud daughter confessed.

When asked if there were others who had inspired her work, Chester mentioned other trailblazers, who happen to be household names.  “Celebrities would include Cathy Hughes, Tracey Edmonds, and Dr. Maya Angelou, who never allowed someone else’s ‘no’ to keep them from their ‘yes’, and each woman had a different journey but equally one of success. Their class, grace, and determination really speaks to my heart,” Chester pointed out.

Chester commands attention and has made it her mission to try to find a way in today’s world for the church and to be actively engaged in that ministry, stirring up faith among others.  She said that she recognizes the favor on her life.  “Those out of the blue moments might be that for others, but I understand it to be exactly what it is – prayers answered,” said Chester.

When asked how others can unleash their destiny within, Chester said they should walk in purpose.  “Take a good look at themselves and figure out what ignites their passion in life.  Many times, people are doing what someone else has suggested as a career when they were called for something else.  Ask yourself, who do you want to help in life?  What are you willing to sacrifice your time and energy for?  I help people tackle this question and other issues during Pivot for Purpose,” the multihyphenate Chester said.

Chester has found strength in God knowing that her steps are being ordered.  Chester said the encouragement of her pastor Dr. Brian Blount – currently the President of Union Presbyterian Seminary – motivated her early on in life.  He spoke over her and she stands by his prediction.  “Many Pastors told my parents over the years I had a pulpit presence and to allow me to pursue that anointing.  During that same year, when I was 16, I had a conversation with my pastor Dr. Blount, and he informed me that Pastoral Counseling was the field for me.  He was correct.  I love it,” Chester said proudly.

“My life’s motto is the tagline for my radio and TV show – Enlighten, Inspire and Empower.  So, every day I am reminded of my purpose, the why of my life.  I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Those looking to connect with Chester can do so at her upcoming Pivot for Purpose webinar June 3-5. Chester will also be serving as a guest minister at Friendship Cathedral Church in Suffolk, VA on June 26. And, on September 21, she will be hosting a Falling in Love with God seminar.

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