Travis Cadman: Investar USA Acquires Land for Modern Apartment Complex in Phoenix

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A new apartment complex by real estate development firm Investar USA will soon appear in Phoenix, Arizona, following the company’s recent acquisition of almost two acres in the city, according to Investar USA Co-director Travis Cadman.

The new complex will include 27 units, with some units featuring two bedrooms while others include one bedroom. The apartment complex will also feature a park area for the community, a pool, and cutting-edge amenities.

The current apartment project is one of several projects involving apartment complexes that Investar USA has completed during the past 30 years. Over the years, Investar USA has developed a reputation for successfully revitalizing multifamily communities in the Southern United States due to its robust property acquisition, renovation, management, and repositioning skills. For instance, the company has recently completed apartment building acquisitions in Nevada and Texas.

Investar USA is also known for revitalizing single-family houses, having acquired hundreds of them during the Great Recession between 2008 and 2012.

Travis Cadman has played a key role in Investar USA’s success as a result of his multifaceted industry skills, which range from mixed-use property development to home construction and property management.

Cadman by himself has successfully developed and promoted over 2,000 houses. He has furthermore acquired distressed properties in Arizona with $20 million-plus of capital. However, the real estate investor has made a name for himself in the industry not only for his strong business and property background but also his strong ability to build lasting relationships with professionals in the market.

Travis Cadman’s chief goal is to keep excelling in the real estate world, improve the quality of life of the people who buy or rent from him, and help aspiring investors to also experience industry success in the long run.