Trump is a racist, but it’s the media’s fault

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We all know Donald Trump is going to say some of the most racist things while campaigning to be president. He’s been doing it since the first day he announced. So we all know this. He went on a birther rant against Ted Cruz for a while because the Texas senator was born in Canada. He’s called Mexican immigrant criminals and rapists and said we should ban all Muslims from entering the country.

You may not remember that when he first uttered that idea he was asked if U.S. service people who are Muslim and serving overseas should be allowed to return home with their units. At the time Trump said no they shouldn’t be allowed back in the country … but then he walked that back a little.

Then of course there are the multitude of misogynistic comments he’s made. Why did Megyn Kelly give him a pass in that softball interview?

At any rate, it doesn’t surprise anyone when Trump makes a racist comment these days — it’s par for the course.

Unless you are the Republican Speaker of the House and seem unaware your standard bearer is a racist.

A Twitter meme circulating right now about the reasons Judge Curiel should recuse himself from the law suit against Trump University. They probably mean the La Raza Lawyers Association.
A Twitter meme circulating right now about the reasons Judge Curiel should recuse himself from the law suit against Trump University.
They probably mean the La Raza Lawyers Association.

Trump is being sued over his allegedly crooked Trump U educational … can’t really call it a scam — yet — it has to be proven in court … but Trump is being sued.

The judge in the case, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, is of Mexican descent, although he was born in Indiana.

So, Trump’s contention is that Curiel needs to recuse himself from this trial because he is Mexican-ish and therefore is biased against Trump because the GOP presumptive nominee made some extremely racist remarks about Mexicans and Hispanics.

The Trump Campaign doesn’t come right out and call the comments racist of course, they say Trump’s extremely offensive comments about Hispanics are about undocumented immigrants, not the entire ethnic group. See how that makes his comments so much better?

But in effect, by claiming Judge Curiel needs to recuse himself because of the comments Trump made, Trump and his cronies — and everyone who agrees with Trump on this — are tacitly saying his racist comments are at the very least offensive, especially to Mexicans.

Noted Republican actor and economist Ben Stein told Neil Cavuto of Fox News, “People talk about Trump as if he’s some sort of lunatic. What he’s saying makes a lot of sense.”

Well, okay, it probably does to the KKK and other white supremacist groups and their supporters.

Ben Stein thinks Trump is a rising star in the GOP and connects with the American people.

“I have not heard a racist word out of that man’s mouth,” Stein said on Cavuto’s program. “…I think people should be listening to him. He’s not a ranting, blubbering fool. He’s making a lot of sense, and I don’t see what’s anti-democratic about him.”

It’s the lefties who are making this a race issue. Those darn lefties.

Well now Trump has doubled down on his earliest Racist remarks by saying the judge in the case should recuse himself from the trial due to his Mexican heritage.

A number of prominent Republicans have come out and denounced Trump’s demand, like Newt Gingrich who said Trump’s words were “completely unacceptable.”

Mitch McConnell was a little more muted in his comments. He disagreed with Trump, but said, “Donald Trump is certainly a different kind of candidate.”

Yeah, well no kidding. The GOP’s choice to run for president is a flat out racist.

Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House disagrees with Trump’s call that Curiel should recuse himself because of his ethnic heritage. But he said, Trump’s remarks were, “completely out of left field.”

Maybe Ryan has been so busy for the last 12 months he didn’t know about all the other racist remarks Trump has uttered while running for president.

Katrina Pierson (YouTube)
Katrina Pierson (YouTube)

Then there are all the surrogates who go on TV, like Ben Stein on Fox News, to defend Trump’s racism. Trump’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, is probably the worst. In case you didn’t know, Pierson believes Agenda 21, a non-binding United Nations resolution is a secret a plan to overthrow the United States and turn us into … Europeans? She also suggested in a tweet that 9/11 was an “inside job.”

She said it was the media’s fault Trump is being portrayed as a racist. When Joy Reid of MSNBC pointed out it was Trump who brought up the ethnicity of the judge, not the media, that it was Trump who said Muslims should be banned and Mexican immigrants are rapists, Pierson said it was the media that was portraying Trump’s words as racist, not the candidate. Trump is just quoting Department of Homeland Security statistics.

When asked about Trump calling a black man “My African-American,” Pierson defended that as well. The media took it out of context. The GOP presumptive nominee was just referring to his African-American supporters in general, pointing out this one man in particular.

This is the Republicans’ choice for president and his primary spokesperson. Just remember it’s the media’s fault he’s an asshole.

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