Trump’s concentration camps are intentionally cruel

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Trump’s concentration camps were a topic in the first Democratic Primary debates. How could it not be after that photo of the father and his daughter drowned in the Rio Grande. A completely avoidable tragedy if the man and his family had not been turned away after requesting asylum. The Donald J. Trump, the real Donald J. Trump, is a vicious, cruel racist and he is surrounding himself with people who are just as vicious and cruel to carry out his anti-brown people jihad.

As details of the children held without their families in Texas and elsewhere are revealed, we can only conclude the plan was to be vicious and cruel from the beginning. Be as cruel and vicious as possible to these people when they come to our southern border and seek asylum and hope that deters other brown people from coming to America.

More than two years into his administration and his blaming it all on Barack Obama and the Democrats. Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press almost laughing in the president’s face when Trump told some preposterous lie. Jake Tapper of CNN literally laughing in the face of Vice President Mike Pence when he said we have the cleanest air and water in the world.

We cannot contain our repudiation and outrage when this administration spews its bullshit. Are Donald J. Trump and his Homeland Security/ICE/Border Patrol officials guilty of Crimes Against Humanity? Such acts are described as “certain acts that are deliberately committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population.”

Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy towards people coming to America through our southern border is certainly widespread and systemic and an attack on people from a certain part of the world.

The president is in Japan right now for the G20 conference. Will any international leaders call him out for the cruel despot that he is? Will the United Nations declare him a criminal? Hard to predict. He hasn’t reached the level of Ratko Mladić or even Slobodan Milošević, but left unchecked, what is Trump capable of doing?

He wasn’t moved enough by the photo of the dead father and daughter to declare an emergency at the border and allow people to safely apply for asylum, nor has he done anything to improve the welfare of the people, especially these children who have been kidnapped at the border, who are now in those concentration camps in Florida and the Southwest. We just recently found out from the lawyers who were allowed to enter the camps that many, if not most, of the children in those facilities have family here in the U.S. and the officials managing those camps haven’t bothered to call them to let them know their children, or family members are in custody.

He can declare an emergency to try and get funding for his wall, but he can’t do anything to help the thousands of people being detained. Children who have had no clean clothing, soap or toothpaste for days or weeks. Babies in soiled clothes and diapers that haven’t been changed in who knows how long.

Is there evidence President Donald J. Trump and his underlings in the Department of Homeland Security, specifically ICE and the Border Patrol, plus the private companies contracted to house the detainees; is there evidence they are all guilty of Crimes Against Humanity? Maybe it’s just a coincidence that the Acting Director of U.S. Customs and Border protection John Sanders has resigned. Or, does he see the writing on Trump’s imaginary wall? And there is a reason members of Congress and news organizations are not allowed inside these camps, especially with recording devices.

Both the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate of passed bills that would send aid to the camps, but Trump has vowed to veto any such legislation. His abuse of these human beings is not only cruel it is intentional. He wants to inflict as much suffering on these people as he can get away with and right now he is getting away with it all.

Will someone stand against this monster, now? Those babies in soiled diapers cannot wait until the 2020 elections. They need help now.

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