No War With Iran Caucus is launched today in Congress

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A new caucus in Congress has been formed, the NWIC, or No War With Iran Caucus. Two California representatives, Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters, join Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas and Jim McGovern of Massachusetts in the creation of the group.

The goal of the caucus is to organize, de-escalate and disseminate information about the Trump Administration’s creeping intention to start a war with Iran. They want to make sure the president understands he needs to go to Congress to get authorization for any use of force against Iran.

In its press release the caucus also started, “Iran’s problematic actions in the region need to be contained and Iran must be prevented from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Both efforts can be achieved without a dangerous and reckless war on Trump/Bolton terms. War with Iran would have a devastating impact on U.S. national security as well; on the safety and wellbeing of our regional allies; and would further destabilize the region.”

The NWIC launched earlier today in the U.S. Capitol with the caucus leaders and other members of Congress.