UDON Entertainment returns to the legendary Kingdom of Drangleic with DARK SOULS II Design Works

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Known for its grim atmosphere, horrific creatures, and unforgiving difficulty, gamers just can’t get enough of the wildly popular Dark Souls action RPG franchise.

UDON Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of the hotly anticipated Dark Souls II Design Works, which collects all of the darkly compelling artwork behind the critically acclaimed Dark Souls II video game in one elegant hardcover volume!

Over 200 pages of lush artwork highlight the chilling monsters, locations, characters, and more from the best-selling Dark Souls II video game.

Dark SoulsEverything that made the original Dark Souls Design Works one of UDON’s best-selling art books of all time is present in this book as well – and then some! Inside you’ll find a full lineup of character, world, enemy, weapon, and other equipment artwork, rough designs, behind-the-scenes concept visuals, and an interview with the game’s creators. Don’t think we forgot about the game’s downloadable content, either – Dark Souls II Design Works also features a whole host of concept material from all three chapters of the game’s DLC trilogy, “The Lost Crowns!”

With the upcoming sequel Dark Souls III scheduled to release later this year, now is the perfect time to lose yourself in the hauntingly gorgeous kingdom of Drangleic once more.

Dark Souls II Design Works – as well as a reprinting of the original Dark Souls Design Works, in response to insatiable fan demand – is available now in finer comic book stores and book retailers everywhere, as well as various online retailers.

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