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Uses for Rose Petals You Probably Didn’t know

Rose petals have been around for a long time. Like a really long time. And in that time, people have found hundreds of different uses for them. From steaming them, to eating them, to decorating with them, you can pretty much do it all with a couple rose petals. But that’s considering you can get past those pesky thorns on the plant. Here are some of the best uses for rose petals that you can do right in your backyard, just after you grab that bandaid. 

Internal Use

I’m sure everyone at some point as a kid thought it would be cool to go eat a petal off of the rose in their front yard, and was far from impressed by the taste that followed. Growing older, not much has changed in the world of eating rose petals. Except for that in most cases, it’s desirable! Roses can be used in pretty much every recipe, they can be dried and stored, or turned into a great tasting tea that helps thin out blood or aid with diarrhea. It can also be a great additive to a salad, just in normal petal form, since it adds a burst of color, without straying much from the taste of the salad itself, as it will be easily overwhelmed by any dressing or other ingredients in the salad. 


Roses have been used as decoration for centuries, due to their bright burst of red when bloomed. This makes for a very stand-alone flower and is certain to add some liveliness to your home or office. Of course, you could put a rose in some water and swap it out every once in a while, but why stop there? A great craft project is to get or make a mold and go pick up some crafting resin from your local hobby or craft store. With this, you can preserve either a whole rose, or a petal or two from it, and hang it up, or make them the centerpiece on a table or desk. Not only will these last you a lifetime, but it’ll bring a sense of pride every time you look at it, so long as you follow the instructions on the epoxy. 

Homemade Essential Oil

For those of you who are ambitious enough to make your own essential oil, rose petals are a great choice. They’re pretty easy to come by and are accompanied by a great scent, as well as ideal properties for a useful essential oil. To make rose petal essential oil, all you’ll need is a pot, a jar, some carrier oil, and some rose petals. Of course, you’ll also need some water and a way to boil it. After bringing some water to a boil in the pot, you place the carrier oil and the rose petals in the jar, and then set the jar in the boiling water. After it’s finished all you need to do is pull it out of the water and put the oil in a container! 

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