Veterans Day Request

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Want to honor the veterans? Call your representatives in the U.S. Congress and tell them to increase funding for the Department for Veterans Affairs.

As much as we appreciate groups like the Wounded Warrior Project and everything they do for veterans, it is a moral outrage that our government can send 4 million men and women into war — just since 9/11/01 — but can’t take care of them after.

Veterans shouldn’t have to wait 5-1/2 hours in a waiting room to receive care, they shouldn’t have to wait 18 months to have their claims addressed. A Primary Care Physician shouldn’t have to see 20-plus patients a day. If it was just 20 that would be a great improvement.

There shouldn’t be 22 veterans committing suicide every day.

But a tip of the hat to WWP, VFW, DAV, IAVA  and all the other veteran service groups that take the time to help our nation’s veterans.

Contact your representative in the House Here. Contact your senators Here.

Semper Fi on Veterans Day.