Waiakea Water Was Founded by a 22-Year-Old!     

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As a proud entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for the best way to do everything I put my hands to. That means pursuing the best way to save on costs in business, or deliver a project for a client. But I carry this same mentality with me in my personal life, too—for example, in the foods and drinks I choose to consume. As far as my drinking water is concerned, I can’t say enough about the Hawaiian volcanic water from Waiakea for two reasons: First, this water’s taste is exceptional. And second, to my shock, the company was actually founded by a 22-year-old.

That’s right. A 22-year-old!

Waiakea Water got its start in 2012, when a socially conscious Ryan Emmons took a sudden interest in selling beverages. He realized that many beverage companies weren’t focusing on being eco-friendly at that time, so he decided to capitalize on this. His goal? To promote the earth, satisfy people’s thirst, and give back as much as possible.

However, in addition to standing out for its eco-friendliness, Waiakea bottled water is known for its amazing taste. The water is totally pure because it is filtered through volcanic rock and then collected from a Hawaiian volcano’s base. And it is filled with a number of important minerals designed to help you to feel your best.

Today, Waiakea Water continues to produce the only bottled water of its kind. It’s the first bottled water to be not only healthy but also sustainable and charitable. In fact, the Waiakea water has earned several awards, including a Best in This Award for being the most environmentally and socially responsible company. You can find this water in hundreds of stores across the globe, as well as in fitness locations throughout the United States. So, now couldn’t be a better time to try it and experience its appeal for yourself.