Walled off from Reality

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Everyone has a wall. Why can’t we?

East Germany had a wall with the West, and when the Soviet Union fell: it came down and everyone celebrated.

We had better build one soon so that when we fall, (the wall that hasn’t been built yet,) can come down and those people, (in the future,) they can celebrate.

In 2027 or so. When the government is no longer shut down.

Jericho had a wall and now look. It came down too.

Of course, some walls are flood protection, as well fortification. Maybe it’s time to build walls along our rivers, lakes and oceans for rising waters for that new climate perpetrated by that Chinese Hoax. Instead of a flood of humans.

Another idea: the wall could be like the Wailing Wall. Really in bad taste, but what isn’t at this point?

Instead of prayers or wishes on paper to God and sticking them in that wall, the government could set up a website and you could download your prayers, online, to our wall. Not like China’s Great Wall. But our own Make America’s Great Wall.

Thoughts, Prayers and requests for clemency.

You could just check the box as to which God or Gods you want. All in the spirit of our New America. There could be a special app. And the cost, would help offset what Mexico is going to be billed, for its construction.

Wait. That’s off the table now since the new trade agreement takes care of that. The ‘new boss same as the old boss — for the most part’ agreement? The government sells them GMO, Pesticide and Antibiotic laden corn and they pay for us, to isolate ourselves, from the real world.

At this point a lot of countries would love to see America disappear behind a wall, once and for all, instead of looking down on the world from an ivory tower.

How about an ivory wall?

America does make good movies and TV though. Until the West Coast secedes from the union and all the studios will be in the Republic of California.

The idea is to keep those that would do us harm out.


And Floyd’s Roger Waters wants to perform “The Wall,” right along where the wall is to be constructed.

Willie Nelson could do “Hello Walls.” Unlike Farm Aid, would he do “Wall Aid?”

“Tweeter and the Monkey Man” by the Travelling Wilburys — that’s about a wall too, and a tweeter. That’s odd, this was written way before tweeting existed, 1988. I think we’re coming unstuck in time.

Some assembly and a little imagination required.

Quite an image to personify our new America made great again.

That symbol of the Statue of Liberty is weak. That torch is old. Give her a laser. Give her a machine gun.

The Soviet Curtain had a curtain: the Iron Curtain.

Why can’t we have something more up to date — like a force field?

Lost in Spacehad them, and that was a 1960s vision of the 1990s. We’re behind.

Why not Lost in America?

Can’t we have something more futuristic? Isn’t it time? Or will that be saved for our Space Force?

Can’t we have something invisible that you would bounce off of, wincing in pain, and then fall flat on your arse — or, better yet, an electrical field, that would fry you?

Bladerunnerhad that for undocumented, unwelcomed genetically engineered slaves. In 2019.

What about Jorge Luis Borges and his erudite work on “The Wall and The Books?” Deleterious history unfolding and simultaneously replicating itself. Why not a labyrinth of circular ruins?

We could have something so cerebral and confusing that people would be too frustrated to cross over.

What about drones? Everyone loves drones.

Infrared sensors, seismic, capacitance and automatic water cannons.

AI, multi-lens cameras, and androids: Saudi built, Chinese, Japanese and Korean models that would continue to perform under the harshest conditions. Or build it right here for something really different. Working tirelessly, happily, and especially without pay, after the government continues to be shut down. Lining the border. Lining their pockets.

Don’t we need something to keep out rogue robots and undocumented space aliens?


Aren’t they the ones in control?

Concrete barriers, or bricks, steel. Even a good fashioned cyclone fence, with some awesome razor wire. That surely is bound to be good for business. A barrier and an opportunity. Step right up. Contracts are to be handed out. Contracts to those who can deliver and whoever contributed the most for whoever’s re-election. Deliver and promised to funnel a little something into someone’s special offshore account. Doing whatever it takes. We know how to do this. It’s shown there right in movies and on TV.

Cleaning up the environment, investing in our future: no way. There’s a grand opportunity right here and now. And with people downloading their prayer requests, and the tourism. Watching people getting fried in an electric field: you could even have the surveillance cameras on pay-per-view, in its own tv network for all to enjoy.

People and the wall… even seeing attempts getting over it, going under it, blasting through it: that is going to be great viewing. You could even make it interactive, where you could sit back in the comfort of your vibrating heated recliner, and pick off people one by one, with a game controller. It would make for great entertainment and you could add a soundtrack. Buy that too. The ultimate reality show. Especially seeing people shot in the back, or children being yanked from their parent’s arms and thrown into cages. All in the spirit of our new America. It could be like that ninja show. Instead of a pool or mud: Falling into an eternal sea of fire.

A percentage of the take could go toward the ruling class’s legal defense fund.

The conservative yappers on AM radio yell about how this is all about politics, duh: that the Dems want more undocumented immigrants across our borders so that the ruling class will never hold the president’s office, the senate, congress, the house ever again. As they won’t vote the way they are told, like the populace they can count on. Then the snotty, snooty voice builds to a crescendo, followed by ads for male enhancement products, and some pillows. This is the new great America. What are they going to whine about when their minority is further eroded by attrition, with time and demographics moving forward against them? Who’s going to hawk those pillows and boner pills?

Granted the borders are porous, so is the sky. Let’s set our sights a little higher. Let’s pull the trigger and build a dome.