‘The Terms of Us’ is a little film with a giant punch

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We all know about those major films with super star casts and a staggering production budget that quickly go out and bring hundreds of millions of dollars to the teams that produce such films. Movie fans all over the world deeply enjoy these major productions but they are by no means the only films of merit and worthy of our time.

One such short film with a vastly lower budget than let’s say Aquaman is the intense and deeply moving film called The Terms of Us. It was written, produced and directed by Roberto ‘Sanz’ Sanchez who also stars in the film.

Jose Garcia, the role played by Sanchez, grew up in Miami but left as a young man first as a sailor in the U. S. Navy. After several years away floating around the world he decides to pursue a career in acting.

Now it is not entirely clear exactly how his mother becomes separated from the family in Miami but it is abundantly clear that for many years mom was no longer with the family. But Jose Garcia succeeds in his dream of making it as an actor and has moved to Los Angeles to follow his dreams.

Then one day he has returned home to Miami to spend some time with his family when while playing basketball he happens upon a homeless woman. That experience stimulates within Jose Garcia a lingering need to find mom. Now in writing this all I can offer are simple words, but in watching it unfold on the screen the emotions run very deep and strong.

The acting by Sanchez is nothing short of phenomenal.  His energy in character reaches out from the screen and grabs you hard.

Eventually they do find mom. But after all those years what they find is nothing short of heart wrenching. Throughout the story it is clear that as with all families in our world each family member has his or her shortcomings and regrets, but they also have enduring love. The Terms of Us brings this out in very compelling ways and it offers a true level of powerful entertainment.

See for yourself by clicking here. You might also like to know that this exceptional short film has won three awards for excellence.