Weight crisis in L.A. runs deep but Angelinos can still fight

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It seems that the whole country is getting excited about health, yet more than half of the adult population in Los Angeles County is obese.

As most people know, health risks spike for overweight people, and this puts the people of Los Angeles in a dangerous place. The reality is that there a number of reasons why the health fad has not been as effective in LA as it has been in other places.

Why is LA Having a Weight Problem?

Sadly, a number of people in this city simply do not have access to healthy food.

As strange as it might sound, the concept of a food desert is real, and it seems to affect poorer communities, which seems to ring true for people of this city. This is not to say that Los Angeles does not have any health food stores, but they are simply too far from people in poor areas.

It should be pointed out that healthy food habits must be taught, and many of the individuals in poorer communities simply do not have access to the right education. A large portion of the residents of this city also has language barriers, making any kind of education on healthy eating a little more inaccessible.

Affordability is another reason healthy eating is out of reach for many people in Los Angeles. This does not only affect people who are struggling financially because the cost of living in the city is one of the highest in the country, making it hard for everyone.

All of these obstacles are quite hard to overcome, and there are still personal obstacles standing in front of people and their optimal weight, such as the lack of will power. Some people have to deal with weight issues that make it impossible to look great, which naturally hurts a person’s motivation.

How to Turn Weight Trends in LA Around?

As alluded to earlier, this particular trend is a little harder to deal with than some might have imagined. The smaller, individual-based obstacles are a little easier to deal with; for example, a person who lacks will power can simply hire a personal trainer to help him or her stick to a fitness regiment.

A person who has certain time constraints or weight issues making it unnecessarily hard to reach optimal fitness goals can simply turn to Emsculpt in Los Angeles. This is a scientific process that allows a person to reach his or her goals through the use of targeted electromagnetic energy shots in specific places of the body.

The problem is that LA has obstacles beyond those personal ones that need to be addressed as well. For one, a person who is well-informed and lives in food deserts may want to get politically involved or become an advocate in the community in order to bring attention to the need for healthy foods.

Of course, political involvement and advocacy may be great, but they do not solve the problem at hand. This is the reason people need to be a little more inventive when it comes to the food desert problem. Some people can contact people in a neighborhood or community to form a carpool program to go to areas with health food stores.

Health food education can be translated online using all sorts of free programs that could be distributed to people with language barriers, which can promote better dietary habits in households that truly need them.

The economic issue affecting more Los Angelinos than some might want to admit cannot be solved that easily, but that does not mean healthy eating has to be sacrificed. There are a number of things a family or individual can do to eat healthy on a budget, from hunting for deals to learning how to expand meals to make them last a little longer.

The weight problem in Los Angeles is not an easy thing to address, but steps must be taken. More than half of the population is in trouble, and young kids are already suffering from childhood obesity as well, making this a genuine crisis worth fighting for.