What are the best tote bags for a working woman?

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Possibly nothing is more challenging in this world than finding the right bag when stepping out. You might be heading to the gym, and you plan on picking up some groceries later on. Or, you might be going to the office, but you have evening plans with friends. What do you do? Do you carry two bags – one for each occasion? Women know better than that! The hassle of traveling is anyway too much to be carrying multiple bags and then switching the content before hitting a different location.

Tote bags are here to solve your fashion and usability problems

To answer all your questions about bags and their suitability tote bags have come into mainstream fashion. There is just one principle of use for totes – the larger, the better.

Canvas totes, PU and Rexine, square totes and bulky leather tote bags; all of them have distinct appeals to the fashionista. Whether you have weekend plans at the beach or a corporate meeting, a large tote can suffice all your fashion and toting needs.

Earlier, the small square totes were never very spacious, and women often had to make tough decisions about what to carry and what to leave behind. The larger totes save you time and mental turmoil. You can unload your entire work desk at home and bring it to your office in a single sturdy bag. Large tote bags will ensure that you survive each day, irrespective of your plans for the day.

Why do we love office tote bags?

Thankfully, office regulations rarely apply to bags. While you can carry anything from a sling to a mini duffel bag to work, you definitely need something that can hold all your office essentials. Working women need a trustworthy bag that they can carry to the office with confidence and then easily flaunt during their shopping sprees, mid-day lunch with colleagues and evening parties with close friends.

A bag is not just a bag when it becomes a personal style statement. It showcases a part of the woman’s personality and sense of style. It is a representation of aesthetics as it is a symbol of one’s sensibility. The bag should be stylish and fashionable, yet adept enough to carry all the woman’s belongings with confidence. It should not show unsightly bulges, and it should preserve its structural integrity throughout months of use.

Typically, designer leather bags can fulfill all these requirements without breaking one’s bank balance. Moreover, since designer bags are investments according to the fashion bloggers and designers, you can splurge a little when you are shopping from a collection of bespoke premium cowhide bags online or offline.

Statistics show that working women love spending a significant part of their earnings on premium leather bags because they last a lifetime. Women can always sell off an older bag on “pre-loved” bag sites for between 60% and 80% of their original price. They can then use the proceeds to purchase another trending bag style that they can use for the next year.

What should your office tote bag contain?

The proverbial office tote should be able to contain all the essentials you might need on a typical workday, without any complaints. Here’s what you can hope to fit inside the large office tote bag –

  1. A laptop and charger –What is a workday when you cannot carry your laptop or MacBook to the office with you. The large tote should have a secure compartment for your electronics and their chargers. Separate pockets for power banks is just the add-on every woman desires in her work bag.
  2. Water bottle –Do you remember what a mess leaky water bottles have caused multiple times during school and college? Well, you need a tote with separate water bottle holders or pockets that protect your electronics from the wrath of Poseidon at the most inopportune moments.
  • Wallet, cards, keys, keycard holder, and smartphone –These items always begin a party as soon as you close the main zipper, and later on, you find them in an intangible mess. With an adequately compartmentalized tote, your keys will never again challenge your lanyard-bound keycard or cards for a face-off. You can keep each item securely right where they belong. The keycard clips inside large tote bags are divine intervention for women who need to punch in and out of work every day.
  • Makeup –A long day cannot take away your glamour. You need the quintessential oil blotting paper, tissues, makeup freshening spray, face powder, lipstick and eyeliner in your bag, without any unwarranted spills. The perfect work bag has space for all of them without cutting down space for other essentials.
  • Miscellaneous –Other essentials can include your medication, a small hairbrush, some hand cream, breath mint, notepad, and a couple of pens. The best-designed tote bags for working women ensure that you can carry it all without the risk of snapping a strap or snagging the bottom of the bag for months.

There is no need for women to believe that functionality does not come with great looks. The large tote bags for the professionals take into account the multiple compartmentalization one has to make to fit every aspect of life into one day. That’s why these bags have multitudes of compartments and enough space to accommodate your entire day’s plans.