What you should expect from feather pillows

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Comfort is one of the prime considerations during pillow selection, and health aspects are important too. The pillow must perform at its peak to provide comfort and ensure good health by adequately supporting the head and neck. Therefore, you must select pillows by balancing the two factors. Pillows must first be comfortable to ensure a good sleep, which is essential for good health. Those who feel most comfortable with soft pillows usually choose feather pillows that are exceptionally soft and cool. You can take help from some Feather Pillow Buying Guide 2019to find the pillow of your choice.

What makes the pillows so soft?

Feather pillows do contain feathers, but besides, it also contains some other material. The rough external plumage of geese of ducks provides the feather at the center of the pillow to provide support and stability and the softer innermost plumage known as down creates the padding to the edges of the pillow.  The coolness of feather pillows is also an attraction for people who feel other types of pillows too much hot and excessively firm.

The downside of feather pillows

While the softness of feather pillows is quite satisfying, but the pressure elements necessary to ensure proper support for the head and neck are less in comparison to other pillow materials like latex or memory foam.  Softness is the major attraction of feather pillows, which otherwise can pose some health problems for people susceptible to allergies. Feather of birds can trigger allergies and affect some people who are prone to it. To get rid of the threats of allergy, using a material derived from polyester puffballs known as a down alternative instead of the feather is a better option.

What is down alternative?

Down alternative is a synthetic polyester microfiber material which can mimic the softness and lightness of duck and geese feather almost as much authentically that can make it hard to make out any difference. The material is hypoallergenic, which is its biggest attraction and the reason for its growing popularity. You can use the pillows without any concern about allergies. Moreover, pillows made from down alternative are cheaper than authentic duck and geese feather, which makes it popular among budget buyers who have more choices to enjoy the comfort of feather pillows without fearing allergies.

Cool pillows

Besides being exceptionally soft like a feather, down alternative pillows offer cool comfort as it absorbs minimal body heat that keeps it cool for long hours and allows sleepers to enjoy a prolonged and comfortable sleep.  Despite its physical properties being not as good as other materials like latex or memory foam, many users suffering from neck and head problems have experienced lesser pressure points and fewer aches on using down alternative pillows.

The pillows can support sleepers of all weight groups and equally good for back and side sleepers. The pillows may have more height, but the softness allows the head and neck to sink up to a comfortable depth that provides cozy support and cool feeling.  It is also quite effective in providing relief from neck and shoulder pain.