What are the different types of criminal charges one can face?

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Criminal charges can be of various types and nature. Right from traffic offense to domestic violence and sex crime to drug possession, a person can face jail for an act that is deemed harmful or unlawful by the court. However, he may seek bail to go home. The plea can be accepted or rejected based on the severity of the crime and his record. Here is an overview of all the types of criminal charges that a person can stumble upon in his life.

Sex crimes

Rape, sexual battery, sexual imposition, and sexual misconduct with a minor are some of the examples of sex crimes. The person can face jail if he is booked for sexual assault. These cases are quite complex and need time to solve. The only way to get rid of prison, in this case, is by securing bail. A judge may grant it only after taking stock of a few factors, such as the intensity of the crime, motivation behind committing such offense, criminal history of the person, and his risk of fleeing.

Drug possession

Unlawful possession of marijuana (in some parts of the US), heroin, cocaine, and other such substances, and prescription medicines can lead to the arrest of the person under drug crimes. In such cases, the suspect has to visit the police station for fingerprints, photographs, and investigation, etc. If the charges against him are severe, he may have to wait for the court hearing.

Theft charges

Forgery, shoplifting, robbery, burglary, bad checks, or the theft of any property amounting to more than $500 to $750,000 and above in value fall under this category. The person can be arrested on the grounds of deceiving, threatening, intimidating, or forcing its victim to obtain the possession. Once taken in custody, he or she may seek release through bail only. And that amount is determined by a judge who analyzes all the situations before granting it.

Domestic violence

A person can face imprisonment for torturing his or her family, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend mentally, physically, and emotionally while living with them in the same place. Once convicted, the person can come out from prison only on bail. However, his or her bond can be revoked if the restraining orders are not followed.

Illegal possession of firearms

Keeping a gun, firearm, or any lethal weapon is against the law until and unless you meet specific criteria. For example, anyone who is 21 or more can have a gun. However, there should be a proper license. The person should live in the US and have no criminal records against him or her. But even after you fulfill these criteria, you may not be allowed to take your gun at some places. In case you don’t obey this rule, you can be jailed.

Traffic crimes

From drunk driving to rash driving and road accident to driving with a banned license, all these events indicate traffic crimes. For minor traffic rule violations, such as running the red light, you can be left free after a small penalty. However, if these charges are serious, you can face jail.

As you can see, to be accused in most of these crimes means imprisonment. The release is possible only if you pay bonds. For that, you need someone to represent you in the court, and that’s where the role of a bondsman comes in. If by chance you have to fight any such case against you, try to contact Castle Bail Bonds Montgomery County for assistance. Their services cover all these cases.