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When to consider breast reduction surgery

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While breast reduction surgery has typically the highest customer satisfaction rates there’s no getting away from the fact it is surgery. It will have an impact on your body and, of course, it has risks. You may lose some sensitivity in your nipples. The scars from the surgery will fade with time but will always be there. If you plan to be a mom this surgery can make breastfeeding difficult if not impossible. From a financial standpoint unless your breasts are having a significant impact on your health your insurance likely won’t cover the procedure. Unless you have a lot of savings you need to bear this in mind too.

Why should you consider the surgery?

I get it. That was quite a scary list, wasn’t it? So that begs the question with a list of risks like that, not to mention the financial impact, why would you want to have breast reduction surgery? There are a number of good reasons that do stand up to all the concerns above.


This is a big one. You may find this hard to believe but your back, shoulders, and neck are not supposed to ache all the time. I know!  Crazy right? If you’ve had big breasts all your life by now I’m sure you’ve just gotten used to it. By reducing the size of your breasts, however, you’ll ease the weight pulling on your front and relieve the aching.

Preventing Skin Problems

The skin on your breasts is thinner and more sensitive than on other parts of your body. Clothes will likely rub other parts of your body and cause no damage but your breasts are a different story. It’s more common to get a build-up of sweat under larger breasts and this combined with the rubbing of your bra can cause rashes and even yeast infections. If you experience a lot of redness, rashes or infections it would be worth considering a reduction.


It may seem a strange thing to be upset about but having very large breasts can affect your self-esteem just as much as having small ones. You might feel no outfit never looks good on you because it’s either too tight around the bust or too loose everywhere else. Another problem is dating, worrying about whether your date is interested in you or just your breasts. Whatever the cause if it’s having a significant impact on your mental health surgery could be beneficial.

Dents on your shoulders

If your breasts are so heavy your bra is gouging permanent dimples on your shoulders then they are too heavy. If they’re this big they will also likely be causing you to have a poor posture. Poor posture combined with the weight of your breasts pulling on your front could eventually even lead to damage to your spine.

Problems being active

There are many uncertainties in the field of health. One thing that is absolutely undisputed though is the importance of exercise. If you have very large breasts you probably struggle to find a sports bra to fit them. Even if you do manage to get one you likely won’t benefit from the full level of support smaller breasted ladies do. A lack of proper support could make vigorous exercise painful and affect the types of exercise you can do.

It’s your choice

If you are experiencing some or all of the problems listed above it’s likely your breasts would benefit from a reduction. Take some time to think it over carefully but it would probably improve your quality of life. You may even find improved sensation in them once the surgery has healed which is a definite plus when you find that special someone! If you’re still unsure though do some research of your own or speak to a doctor for advice.

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