World Series videos by Claudia Gestro

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Back in October we had the good fortune to have a sports reporter who was going to a number of the National League playoff games and then all seven World Series games. Claudia Gestro was covering the post season for a Venezuelan outlet, PasTV Deportes, so we had her deliver some reports in English.

Jetting from Kansas City to San Francisco and back again, Claudia produced a remarkable record of a World Series that stands out for its passion and drama; a World Series that was one of the most exciting in recent years. So we are presenting her video reports for the World Series here on one page, as a complete report, a video journal that documents it all. Every change in momentum, every nuance of the errors and pitching match-ups. We hope you enjoy her reports as much as we did.

Our sports reporter will be covering baseball, hockey, basketball, some football and even soccer, futbol in the Spanish-speaking world as often as she can produce reports, with videos featuring her analysis and interviews with players and coaches.

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