$100  ICO Presale Investment To Yield Amazing $304,878 Return If  $GOLDEN Token Hits US$0.00000005 

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Golden Inu’s ERC-20 token presale has just passed US$115,0000 in funding raised.   Investors have just 8 days left to buy the new cryptocurrency at the discounted Initial Coin offering rate.  Either that or whatever 200ETH has been raised. 

The price of the Golden Inu  [ERC-20]  token during its presale is currently 1 $ETH [coin] for 100-Trillion $GOLDEN [tokens].   At today’s Ethereum pricing, this would place a value on 1 $GOLDEN at US$0.0000000000164.

In 8 days when the Golden Inu coin goes public, it will be listed on Uniswap.  The decentralized exchange will list the token at 25% higher than the current [round 2] ICO price.

With both a play-to-earn game and job platform under the crypto brand’s umbrella of digital currency products, the token price is expected to increase.  Not only that, there will be long-term value in the token for thousands, if not millions of people, who use Golden Inu ecosystem’s upcoming decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Nicknamed ‘Shiba Inu Killer’ due to the founder’s former ties to the $SHIB token, some crypto experts speculate that Golden Inu is a better cryptocurrency than all meme-coins.  And not only that,  other crypto news analysts believe the $GOLDEN token could spike in value and land yields of up to +10,000%.

Nonetheless, regardless of expert opinions, on Uniswap listing day, a profit is guaranteed to investors.  Currently priced at US$0.0000000000164 [fluctuates based on ETH price], one statistical analysis finds that if the Golden Inu coin burns 3 zeros, investors will see massive profits.

If the $GOLDEN crypto reaches a value of US$0.00000005 from its Round 2 presale price,  a $100 investment would return US$304,878 to the investor.  That’s a profit yield of US$304,778.

The massive numbers are not ‘astronomical’ by crypto standards at all.  Shiba Inu yielded gains of +15,000,000% to investors when it reached its all-time high in 2021.   Dogecoin went even further, returning +22,000,000% yields to early investors.

More recently, Pepe meme-coin yielded profits of +1200% weekly to investors before simmering down.   But as of last month, the $PEPE token’s reign was dethroned by Golden Inu’s first token for the dual-chain DAO ecosystem — $GOLDEN [BEP-20].   

The Binance-chain Golden Inu token also outperformed the Big Eyes meme-coin that launched last month.  Popularity got the token to a $35-million dollar ICO goal but it crashed nearly 100% in less than 30 days, leaving many traders trying to swap what’s left of the value of their  $BIG tokens into the $Golden presale [read why here].

The current presale by Golden Inu will be the final release of their new crypto ecosystem.   The Ethereum-blockchain version [ERC-20] token will launch on Uniswap decentralized crypto exchange in 8 days.

If the price does burn a few zeros, multi-millionaires will be made immediately.     The Initial Coin Offerings presale wallet shows there are a few crypto traders investing upwards of $1000 US dollars daily.  These investors would end up being multi-millionaires if the $Golden [ERC-20] token reaches a value of US$0.00000005.